Stefan and Elena’s relationship is crucial to The Vampire Diaries, but the concept of a new doppelganger introduced in Season 5 changes everything.

An extension of Doppelgänger science The Vampire Diaries Stefan and Elena caused a lot of controversy about their relationship. TVD was a technical adaptation of The Vampire Diaries LJ Smith’s books, however, doppelgängers marked one of the first major changes in book canon (and even what the series had set up so far). Stefan and Elena were set up as a love-at-first-sight affair, and even when Elena started falling for Damon, her previous relationship with Stefan was important.

The Vampire Diariesthe biggest changes from the books It started when Damon took Elena away from Stefan, but the force behind this love triangle came from the fact that the passionate love between Elena and Damon was no better than the innocent, pure love between her and Stefan. After her parents died, Elena needed to find something good in the world, and Stefan was just the crazy, morally good vampire for that job. When it was revealed that Stefan is also a doppelgänger and that his and Elena’s ancestors had a romantic relationship, their direct connection made a lot of sense.

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How Travelers Changed the Doppelgänger Prophecy (& TVD Canon)

Marcos, the leader of the Travelers, in The Vampire Diaries

The connection between doppelgängers was discussed first Qetsiyah, creator of the other side, noted that doppelgängers have fallen in love throughout history in what they assume is fate. However, a traveler named Marcos revealed that he had cast a spell to unite the doppelgangers in each lane and their combined blood would be used to break the curse. This change meant that doppelgängers were not fated to fall in love, nor were they falling in love by personal choice. By connecting travelers with doppelgängers, The Vampire Diaries He said that Stefan’s love for Catherine and Elena was completely artificial.

The show revealed that Catherine and Stephen met by chance in 1864 Katherine chose to paternate Damon and Stefan, Marcos’ spell meant that her attraction to Stefan was not real. Similarly, although Stefan chose to learn more after his encounter with Elena, magic meant that chance and agency had nothing to do with it. This spell changed both of their encounters and ruined the authenticity of Stefan’s two greatest relationships.

Why was this controversial for Stefan and Elena’s romance?


The changed law regarding doppelgängers caused controversy because it dealt a major blow to Stefan and Elena’s relationship. Both heroes saw visions of a happy life together The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 18, “Resident Evil,” made it clear that their love for each other could be faked. The revelation that Marcos cast a spell on doppelgängers made every romantic moment between Stefan and Elena potentially fake. The controversial paternity relationship between Damon and Elena there was.

The love triangle between Elena and the Salvatore brothers has historically been a huge part of the show and the fandom, so anything that damages one of those relationships is guaranteed to cause controversy. Markos’ spell left a crack in the foundation of the series, and while some viewers may accept or ignore the change in canon and its impact on Stefan and Elena’s romance, they may lose their investment. . relationships that no longer feel real. The audience continued to watch The Vampire Diaries regularly since it ended and the spell continues five doppelgängers (including Stefan and Elena) If the upcoming spin-off doesn’t find a way to fix the doppelgänger’s broken will, it will likely be a moot point.

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