Quick X’s mixed reviews gives it a Rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, but how does it compare to the rest of the franchise? Originally presented as the first part of the two-part finale to the Fast and Furious franchise. Quick X currently the first part of a trilogy, but his comments don’t paint the brightest picture for the franchise’s conclusion. While most reviews say that fans who are still invested in the series can get more of what they want from the best movies, they also criticize the writing and play up too many edges of Cars and other franchises. tropes.


The Fast and Furious started a smaller franchise with Fast and furious in 2001, and although it did not receive strong reviews, it earned $207.3 million at the box office, especially considering its $38 million budget. Review scores and box office went up for the next few films before exploding Fast fiveturning Fast and Furious became one of the highest-grossing blockbuster franchises, grossing over $1 billion in both Angry 7 and The fate of the angry. Several films in the franchise have received fresh reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, so here it is Quick XRotten Tomatoes rating is comparable.

Fast X has the lowest Fast and Furious Rotten Tomatoes rating since the 4th movie

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Quick XThe Rotten Tomatoes rating currently stands at 58 percent, the fifth lowest score in the franchise. Angry 7 (81 percent), Fast five (78 percent), Fast and Furious 6 (71 percent), The fate of the angry (67 percent) and F9 (59 percent). Quick X is ahead of Fast and furious (55 percent), The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (38 percent), 2 Fast 2 Angry (36 percent) and Fast and furious (29 percent). Quick X comments Franchise-high 81 percent in Angry 7with each film decreasing until the last Quick Xis 58 percent, which may drop further as more reviews come in.

Fast X has an above-average Rotten Tomatoes rating for Fast and the Furious

Dante is behind the wheel in Fast X

Despite being lower than the last result Fast and Furious movies, Quick X‘s 58 percent mark is actually one spot above the franchise average of 57 percent. Because none of them Fast and Furious the films even earned a Fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating Fast five, the franchise average is still quite low. Of course, if Quick Xas more reviews come in, the rating will drop, it will drop below the franchise average and may even drop below the original rating. Fast and furious if it falls below 55 percent.

Rotten Tomatoes is dropping with each new one Fast and Furious release, Quick X‘s 58 percent Rotten Tomatoes score may bode poorly for the remaining two films in the franchise; however, given that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s jump into Fresh territory came with the Hobbs franchise, and that the highest-rated films in the franchise were the ones he starred in, Rock’s return to the finals Fast and Furious movies could revive the franchise’s standings once again.

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