Scream 6’s Dermot Mulroney discusses Dewey Riley’s sweet bond with his legacy character following his heartbreaking and heroic death in 2022’s Scream.

Scream 6 Star Dermot Mulroney talks about how he honored the legacy of his character Detective Bailey David Arquette after his death. Scream 5. More than 25 years have passed since Wes Craven’s first Scream movie, Ghostface returns to haunt a new group of victims Scream 6 Moves from Woodsboro, California to New York City. Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega return as Sam and Tara Carpenter, the two sisters at the center of a new installment of the Ghostface murders.


in a recent interview with Paradeone Scream 6the latest additions of, Mulroney offers some interesting details about his mysterious new character. Mulroney shared that he was very interested in the role of Detective Bailey because he feels the character pays homage to one of the characters. Scream The franchise’s most heartbreaking loss, Arquette Sheriff Dewey Riley. Mulroney talked about following in Arquette’s footsteps by playing a cop in the beloved slasher series. Check out Mulroney’s full quote below:

“Being a police officer is what I like best Scream VI I could follow in the footsteps of the great David Arquette Dewey starred in many of the franchise’s beloved films. Honestly, it’s a great legacy to continue playing the police Scream series. At this point, I’m excited to join this franchise, especially as the movies evolve into more gory, thrilling action, and stronger emotional connections between the characters.

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After rising through the police ranks throughout the last four Scream movies, Scream 5 I saw Ghostface finally catch up with the former sheriff of Woodsboro, as Dewey was brutally murdered during a standoff. Although Scream 5 pointed to the main heritage character could have died, Dewey’s death still came as a shock because he was the original hero in 1996. Scream. With Scream 5 Another Scream character could die, proving that no one is safe by boosting his abilities. Scream 6.

After the news about it Scream Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), the franchise’s original final girl, will not be returning Scream 6, this new installment is expected to focus on Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers. With Scream 6 The trailer is already teasing a particularly nerve-wracking encounter between Gale and Ghostface, with Gale worried it might be. Scream 6s great heritage hero victim. As a counterpoint, Cox has also been found to be a popular choice for who will be behind the mask of Ghostface this time around, much like Mulroney, whose new character has raised particular suspicions.

Although each new Scream movie brings a new line of victims as well as a new line of suspects. Mulroney’s connection to Arquette’s legacy in love is heartwarming, even if it serves as a clever misdirection to make Detective Bailey appear innocent. Ghostface is less than two weeks away from returning to screens Scream 6It’s only a matter of time before Detective Bailey’s true motives are revealed.

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Source: Parade

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