Martin Scorsese‘s highly anticipated next project, Killers of the Flower Moonofficially debuted during this year Cannes Film Festivalis already being accepted strong praise before the release to the general audience this October. Based on the non-fiction book of David Grann, the film follows the deadly murders of the Osage people in 1920s Oklahoma, prompting an FBI investigation. Although Leonardo DiCaprio Scorsese, who directed the film as Ernest Burkhart, took steps to involve the Osage people in the making of the film.

during Killers of the Flower Moon At a press conference in Cannes, DiCaprio spoke about how the film was made aiming to focus more on the local population, and how he, Scorsese, and the rest of the team approached the story. According to him, Scorsese “was there every day, we talked to the community, tries to hear real stories, and we try to include as much truth as possible. Regardless of what people think of the movie, I know we all do. We’ve tried our best to be respectful and inclusive of the real events.”


Lily GladstoneMollie Burkhart described the importance of having allies raise local stories and voices on the platform like Scorsese. He also stops to cover history like the Osage Murders and the Black Wall Street Massacre:

“Who else is calling people to challenge their complicity in whiteness with a platform like this guy? Other artists are doing this, people are listening to what it has to say. So turning the lens, turning the big lens, the golden lens, to the areas where our communities are – we talk about the Osage community in the 1920s, we talk about Black Wall Street, Tulsa, and why doesn’t the world know about these things? Our communities are always there. It’s all about how we understand ourselves. We need these allies.”

Martin Scorsese and Lily Gladstone
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Martin Scorsese built trust with the Osage Nation

Scorsese wanted to tell most of the story Killers built on trust both on and off screen. And according to the Osage chief, his commitment paid off A bear standing upright:

“I asked Mr. Scorsese this morning, how do you want to approach the story? And he said he wanted to tell a story about trust. Trust, the trust between Molly and Ernest, the trust between the outside world and the Osage and. it’s a betrayal of trust, a deep betrayal. . And my people have suffered a lot, and to this day, the impact is with us, but I can remain on behalf of the Osage, Martin Scorsese and his team have restored trust, and we know that trust will not be betrayed.”

Finally, De Niro William “Bill” Hale, who participated in the Osage murders, spoke about his character. He is the first to mention how, despite the time period, many characteristics about Hale are relevant in today’s society and similar to the 45th President of the United States. Gladstone later noted that the Osage’s trust in Hale continued after his death.

“Look, things happened there that we never knew about, the Black Wall Street Massacre happened while we were there, we had a shootout. So this is the simplicity of evil. Something we have to be careful about. we’ll see that today, of course, with… we all know who I’m talking about, I won’t name his name. Because imagine that person is stupid and you are smart. Even Hale was clever in many. So it’s a systemic thing, and that’s the scary part of it.”

Killers of the Flower Moon Premiere in theaters on October 6. Watch the trailer below: