Director Rian Johnson explains how Daniel Craig helped create a subtle character cue in The Glass Onion by improvising a seemingly minor line.

Screenplay by Rian Johnson Glass Onion: The Secret Knife Daniel Craig shows how he helped create subtle characters in a murder-mystery film. A standalone sequel to Johnson’s 2019 film Knives Out brings in central detective Benoit Blank (Craig) and places him on an island with tech billionaire Miles Bronn (Edward Norton). Bronn has created an elaborate murder mystery game for his friends, but it appears at the beginning of the game. Glass onionsBlanc solves the puzzle before the fake murder takes place.


in an interview with The Hollywood ReporterJohnson breaks down Glass onions‘s murder mystery game scene, including a moment she and Craig come up with during rehearsal. In proving this Birdie was a murderer In Bronn’s game, Blanc’s final piece of evidence comes when he declares that the jacket around Bronn’s neck is the only part of his outfit that doesn’t match.windy island styleJohnson says the line was created by Craig and is emblematic of his directing style. Read Johnson’s full statement below:

“When I’m rehearsing with actors, I never value words. I really appreciate what words are for. Most of the time, we just do it as written, but I’m always happy if we can beat it or find something small that makes sense and makes it stronger.

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How Daniel Craig influenced Benoit Blanc

Daniel Craig

Johnson’s direction, though, is crucial to the film’s success Knives Out franchise, Craig’s interpretation of Blanc what made the detective an iconic character. According to Johnson, at first he regretted giving Blanc so much “oddities“, as Johnson struggled to find Blanc’s voice. He decided to work with whoever was cast to develop the character, and that’s exactly what happened when Craig took on the role.

As you know, one of the main differences between Johnson’s interpretation of Blanc and Craig was the detective’s southern accent. One of the few things Johnson told Craig about the character was that Blanc should have “Light Southern Drawing,” and Craig finally decided to give in Blank is much heavier, a very noticeable accent instead of. It was very difficult to get back between the accents Knives Out and Glass onions Craig had to spend months with an accent coach to relearn it.

With Johnson giving his actors the freedom to experiment with their characters, the collaborative effort between Johnson and Craig seems to have paid off. Glass onions’s huge success has made Blanc an unforgettable character that audiences will enjoy watching. Blanc’s slightly improvised comments about Bronn’s style seem very silly, but actually fit the film and bring the characters to life. With at least one more Knives Out A film in the works for Netflix, with both Johnson and Craig signed on, it’s hoped continuation Glass onions those touching moments of collaboration are more prominent.

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Source: THR