Hi, this is Alex Tintor, co-founder of Blue Isle Studios. We are launching a new game called Jump which has major mod support…something very near and dear to my heart.

I got my first taste of modding when I was ten years old when I started creating mods for Command and rule series of games. I worked on Command and rule: Red Alert map editor that I continued to collaborate on with a group of others throughout my high school years in the Blitzkrieg 2 mod for Command & Conquer: Generals. I met my colleague and studio co-founder Brenden a few years ago Starcraft 2 came out with an impressive set of modding tools. I was on a mission to start a full conversion mod project and was told I needed to contact Brenden.


Together with Blue Isle Studios, we have released numerous games over the past decade and have always strived to develop a game that empowers players to modify the game and create content that adds to the gameplay. Jump was the perfect game to represent ours Jump Design Works modding toolkit. All of our games have amazing communities and Jump has a particularly active community of modders who have been with the game since its early access launch last year. Their content, combined with our new partnership with modding leader Overwolf, has given us a great selection of User Generated Content (UGC) from modders around the world, available to play today!

Some of the UGC I’m really looking forward to checking out include a mod called “One Bullet One Kill” by Overwolf modder “th_mrow” and another on a private server by another Overwolf modder Lucas called “Leap Hardpoint”.


In addition to the fact that the mod is 100% functional for running the console, Leo also features two modes (PVE and PVP), tons of maps, weapons, and personal vehicles as modes of transportation (my personal favorites are the robo-moose and the hoverboard). Jump continues to grow daily as our modding community expands and continues to roll out new servers and content. We also have a solid content roadmap planned for the coming months, which includes new weapons and levels, among other things that we’ll reveal soon.

Until Jump delivers what players have come to know and expect from a solid FPS, we’re excited to stand out with our partnership with Overwolf and look forward to filling our servers with creative players.

This is an important moment for Brenden and I as we look back on those hours spent in our teenage bedrooms, full circle; we hope that with the launch of this game, newbies and experienced modders will be able to create content for years to come.

Welcome to Jump! We can’t wait to see what kind of experience you get and what kind of creative mod content you come up with – not that I’m going to judge or anything.

Xbox Live


Blue Isle Publishing House


$29.99 USD

$23.99 USD

LEAP is a fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter with epic, large-scale battles in which players are armed to the teeth. Become an elite LEAP mercenary as you go into battle. Fight for either the United Earth Defense Coalition (UEDC) or the Exoterrane rebels – whoever pays the most wins your trigger and excessive arsenal. Work together with your teammates, use powerful weapons and unique class abilities, and quickly traverse the terrain with grapples, jetpacks and incredible vehicles to achieve victory. Hop on your hoverboard and somersault back into battle, or mount a mechanical moose and lead the charge. Regardless of your playstyle, each LEAP Mercenary is equipped with a Personal Vehicle (PV) that allows you to quickly cover distance and close the gap on the enemy. Each exosuit is equipped with match-changing abilities. Summon an Orbital Laser to take out a group of enemies, or drop a Support Shield to temporarily cover yourself from enemy fire. Every obstacle is an opportunity to fly, dash or attack, and the elite mercenary will use his unique movement abilities to quickly navigate the battlefield. Use a grappling hook to gain greater height or a dash to dodge enemy fire. The glory of victory only gets sweeter with awards. Customize your mercenary with a helmet emoji and different skin options for exosuits, vehicles and weapons. Show off and taunt your enemies with style and bravado.