Silent Hill remains one of the most influential horror game franchise of all games, thanks to the creative approach to the genre. Presenting a distorted grotesque and inspired “other world” inhabited by rusted metal and corporeal abominations that barely resemble humans, Silent Hill acclaimed by gamers and critics worldwide.

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With new ones Silent Hill games are finally on the horizon after the cancellation Quiet hills Almost ten years on, now is the perfect time to pay tribute to the games that have kept the spirit of the franchise alive for so many years.


10 Sinner (prologue)

In the red corridor, a figure looms menacingly towards the viewer.

Sinner (prologue) lends some of its features to other well-known names such as Beyond: Two Souls, Resident Evil, Evil within 2 and Silent Hill. In fact, it’s so derivative of these titles that it takes assets directly from the games to use without permission, as well as brands like Apple. Of course, this led to legal problems for the developer, and the game was subsequently removed from Game Jolt.

The developer tried to present a haunted house experience in the spirit of other similar psychological games, which really gave some gamers pleasure from its dark environment and scares, but the blatant copyright infringement cheapened the experience.

9 Dementia: Ward

An image showing a bloody, dark corridor, as well as a UI showing an inventory, health bar, and control buttons.

A hidden gem from days long gone Nintendo DS, Dementia: Ward is a first-person horror game set in a hospital. The game’s character, William Redmoore, wakes up in its old corridors, missing his memories, and soon discovers that he is not alone. He must wander through dark corridors and overcome existing dangers if he wants to have any chance of escape.

Dementia: Ward is probably one of the most inspired games ever silent hill, as the developers originally pitched it to Konami as a Silent Hill game. Konami rejected the offer, but Renegade Kid didn’t stop and they released their project as an original title to great acclaim.

8 Scream of fear

A screenshot showing a game character moving through a deserted city.

Created with the use of half life’renderer, Scream of fear is a psychological survival horror game that takes its origins Silent Hill. The player controls Simon Henriksson, a man who has been involved in an unfortunate car accident and finds himself in a waking nightmare. He must navigate the deserted streets of the city and its buildings, solve puzzles and fight enemies that inhabit claustrophobic passages reminiscent of the first three Silent Hill headlines

Not only that, but at certain points in the game, the environment turns into nightmarish scenarios similar to what happens when a siren rings throughout the city Silent Hillawakening a nightmarish world of rust and flesh.

7 Layers of fear

Scenes from

The infamous series of Bluber’s team Layers of fear popularized the controversial “walking simulator”, the developer focused more on aesthetics and storytelling and less on actual gameplay. Players take control of an artist plagued by troubles and a slow descent into insanity that drives his wife to commit suicide after a horrific burn that mars her beauty and causes him to lose all interest in her.

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Although the story of a man who has lost his wife is hardly original, it does return to the problematic Silent Hill 2 the main character is James Sunderland, who killed his sick wife to get rid of her. The protagonist, tormented by his own actions and sins, definitely looks like a native of the city Silent Hill 2 in itself, as she prompts James to remember what he’s done and pay for his crimes. With Bloober, the team is now entrusted with the remake Silent Hill 2of course, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they drew inspiration from there.

6 Mortuary assistant

One of the dark and creepy corridors of the morgue, on the wall of which is written

As the name suggests, the game takes place in a morgue and the player plays as a morgue assistant, although the game will have the player working alone, which adds to the eerie atmosphere. The player must perform the necessary rituals one would expect when caring for the bodies of the dead, as well as perform rituals to determine which corpses are possessed by demons.

Although he cannot be the successor Silent Hill names like Scream of fear and Infliction, Mortuary assistantshows an eerie atmosphere and tension Silent Hill such places as apartment buildings with silent hill 2, as well as a great delve into the hidden depths of history and psychological horror Silent Hill the franchise is known.

5 Evil within 2

The main character of the series, Sebastian, is running away from a crowd of enemies.

Although there are arguments that the first Evil is within drew inspiration from silent hill, the second game has real parallels, with a variety of twisted and dangerous creatures for the player to fight, as well as being thrown into a twisted, warped, nightmare-like reality Silent Hill is famous

In this title, Sebastian enters the world of the Union through the STEM system that his daughter Lily has been connected to in order to find out why she has stopped responding. The world seems a darker and more dangerous version of reality, offering the player to explore a sprawling city populated by buildings and monsters to defeat.

4 Alan Wake

The main character knocks down several enemies.

Many are quoted Stories by Stephen King and Twin Peaks as sources of inspiration Alan Wakeand while these are fair comparisons, it seems a disservice not to mention them Silent Hill as another source of inspiration. Players assume the role of the titular Alan Wakea bestselling thriller author who tries to solve the mystery of his wife’s disappearance and ends up in a real-life horror/thriller situation.

Set in the fictional town of Bright Falls, the town itself seems similar silent hill, and just as festering with monsters that Alan must eliminate. The combat mechanics are not too different from block action Silent Hill titles involving amateur gunplay and slow heavy blows with cold weapons.

3 Makeup

The ghost of a girl standing in a dark doorway at the end of a monochrome corridor.

In the first-person psychological horror, players take on the role of Dwayne Anderson, recently bereaved after his family’s murder-suicide, as he explores the halls of a large suburban house haunted by ghosts and demons, all the while trying to stay conscious. common sense or it will become more vulnerable to their attacks.

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Makeup it is one of many horror games released after the success and immediate failure of the highly anticipated PT, through its concept of a claustrophobic and oppressive atmosphere that admits game teaser as the main source of inspiration in the WCCFTech interview.

2 Infliction

A woman holding a knife stands in front of a silhouette in an open doorway.

Often seen as a spiritual successor PT, Infliction is another psychological horror game set in the suburbs of a small town where players control Gary Prout. Players will be exploring a house that is definitely eerily similar to the one the players were sneaking into PT, and dark matter research. In this particular title, the dark heart of the story is domestic violence.

It creates a wonderful atmosphere in dark, long corridors, borrowing from other elements PT to add even more horror to the story, such as a creepy radio host hosting a very strange late-night talk show, the slow creak of a swinging lantern, and the sounds of gulping being choked by an entity right behind the players’ shoulder. Inflictionwhile not entirely original in its concept or design, is still an impressive game for those who miss the old days PT.

1 Allison Road

A claustrophobic corridor with the name of the games in blood, a strange doll-like woman standing menacingly on the other side of the corridor.

Perhaps the most shameful of allPT clones” is Allison Road, a Kickstarter project that is a derivative of Quiet hills he suffered the same fate. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled back in 2016, but not before giving fans a 13-minute pre-alpha gameplay video that showcased the promise this indie project holds.

In the gameplay reveal, the nameless hero wakes up in a mysterious city with a painful headache and amnesia. They enter the house inspired PT his design, learning through the environment the tragedy that befell the inhabitants. The teaser ends with a ghostly woman attacking the player before the screen fades to black, reminiscent of Lisa’s ghost roaming the corridors PT.

plural Silent Hill games are currently in production.

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