Honkai: Star Rail is teasing another upcoming member of its gaming lineup to join the game’s roster during version 1.2, the long-awaited Kafka. As the new game from HoYoverse nears the end of its patch release, the developer is already exciting fans with the future of the sci-fi role-playing game. HoYovers has officially announced the Version 1.1 Broadcast of a special program earlier this week and have already teased one of the cast members set to appear in version 1.2. Now, a fan-favorite character from the game’s first story will be added to the roster.


The prominent role of Kafka in Honkai: Star RailThe early story has already gathered a significant number of fans of players who are waiting for its release. Kafka serves as the de facto leader of the Stellaron Hunters featured in this story, acting under their true leader, Elio. Kafka’s actions in the prologue bring the Pioneer to life by infusing them with Stellaron, and Kafka also acts as the main antagonist of Xiangzhou Luofu’s story. Now players will soon be able to add Kafka to their teams.

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HoYoverse officially revealed Kafka late Tuesday night via an official spokesperson Honkai: Star Rail A Twitter account that shares its drawing and a brief description of the story. Like her counterpart in The Blade, little is known about Kafka other than her position as one of the most trusted members of the Stellaron fighter commander Elio. Kafka reveals himself lightning element character in Nihility Path, assuming that Kafka will serve as a supporting debuffer in her commands. Kafka is expected to arrive in version 1.2, which is believed to be launched in mid-July.

Kafka’s addition to Honkai: Star Rail will come along with another of her Stellaron Hunter companions with another release in the previous patch. Rumor has it that version 1.1 will introduce the first member of the Stellaron Hunters with A silver wolf is expected on the gacha banner. HoYoverse also revealed that another Stellaron character, Hunter Blade, will be a playable character in the v1.2 update alongside Kafka. Kafka’s splash art notably shows the other members of the Stellaron Hunters with the Silver Wolf and Blade visible under their umbrellas.

With HoYoverse’s first update special going live just days after launch, it looks like the developer has plenty of room for Honkai: Star Rail fans Star rail Rumor has it that the game’s first update will add the much-requested chat system. The game has also leaked several upcoming characters including a four-star Yukong character which is believed to be joining the game in version 1.1. With new characters and new features, the HoYoverse is trying to keep the momentum going Honkai: Star Raillaunch is in progress.

Honkai: Star Rail now available for PC and mobile devices. PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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