Bailu is the only 5-star healer in the starting cast Honkai: Star Rail 1.0, and she is capable of single-handedly keeping her entire team alive even during the most ruthless attacks. This character has many advantages, especially in more difficult content where players have to split their teams in two.

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Like many other support in Honkai: Star Rail, Bale can occupy a slot in any team and still be useful. She doesn’t have many unique interactions with the existing cast of characters, but there are a few noteworthy examples that players should keep in mind. Here are three great partners to use with Bale, as well as some tips on when and where to use her.


Honkai: Star Rail Bailu Teams

Double Team Bailu in Honkai Star Rail

As mentioned, players can take Baila anywhere and still succeed. Every part of her kit is dedicated to health regeneration, except perhaps her E4 buff, which gives her the ability to boost the ATK of allies she heals. Bailu is also the only character in Abundance that currently can list and revive dead teammates. These two traits make her especially useful for Destruction characters or anyone else who goes off Max HP. With all of her abilities, here are some characters that work particularly well with Bale:

  • Arlan – So far, Arlan is the only character in the game with a HP cost. This naturally means that he is always close to death, so having someone like Bale to act as a safety net can be a huge asset to the team. Blade can easily take that spot once players get it.
  • The discoverer of fire – Bailu can provide Encouragement an effect on allies that heals them whenever they take damage. Fire Trailblazer can make the most of this effect as it pairs extremely well with their taunt ability – Bale’s healing combined with summon damage reduction means Fire Trailblazer will be able to absorb even more hits than usual.
  • Clara – Similar to Fire Trailblazer, Clara can take advantage of Bailu’s Invigoration more effectively than others because she is expected to take a lot of hits. With her Ultimate active, she gains additional damage reduction, which means Bale’s healing is naturally more effective for her. This combination is best used with March 7, who will be responsible for managing the aggro team.

Bale’s strong and persistent group healing also makes her very strong in tankless hypercarries.

When to use Bailu instead of other healers

Bailu chases his tail in Honkai: Star Rail

Aside from AOE healing, the rest of Bail’s value lies in her invigorating, revitalizing, and healing abilities. She is particularly strong in the Simulated Universe when empowered by the Blessings of Abundance, as many of its benefits enhance the effectiveness of most of her kit.

One important thing to note about Bale is that she lacks utility. She needs to be E4 before she can offer anything other than healing, which means she may not be optimal for every situation. Natasha able to clear negative effectsuntil Luocha (which is still unavailable at the time of writing) can do massive burst damage in an area. On the plus side, Bale’s constant healing effects mean she can focus on generating SP while keeping her team healthy.

Honkai: Star Rail now available on PC and mobile devices. A PlayStation version is in the works.

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