An evil man Flash Season 9 hints at a potential comeback for Cisco. As of now, there is no official word on whether or not Carlos Valdez will be part of the Arrowverse cast. Flashes final season. But as someone who has been on the show for seven years, Cisco is the biggest character missing from Season 9.

This is the final chapter in Barry’s superhero journey (and the Arrowverse as a whole) Flash is trying to bring back a core set of characters from past seasons of the show. Gorilla Grodd appears along with several other villains Season 9’s Red Death Arc. Several others are slated to return, including Green Arrow, Diggle, Jay Garrick, Reverse-Flash, Eddie Thawne, Captain Singh, Wally West, Zoom, and more. As for Cisco, it remains to be seen if the original Team Flash member will be available for any of the remaining episodes in Season 9. Valdez himself hasn’t ruled out a return, so a cameo or perhaps a bigger role is still possible.


Bloodwork’s role in Season 9 marks Cisco’s return

Interestingly, Flash already created a good reason for Cisco to return to Central City at least one more time. Along with Diggle, Wally and Oliver, Sendhil Ramamurthy’s Ramsey Russo aka Bloodwork is confirmed to appear in episode nine. The nature of his return has been confirmed thanks to the Arrowverse comic Earth-Prime. In the story, Bloodwork – last seen in the ARGUS Detention Center – escapes from prison, the issue ends with a tease, “The Flash will continue in season 9“. Since Cisco works for ARGUS, it would be fitting for him to be involved later, especially since the comic saw him involved in ARGUS’ efforts to stop Bloodwork from escaping.

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Cisco isn’t a superhero anymore, but that shouldn’t stop him from coming to Central City to help with the blood work. He was useful to Team Flash long before he was Vibe, so sending him to STAR Labs to help monitor Bloodwork’s activities seems like a no-brainer for ARGUS. Diggle’s role in the episode. Diggle also works for ARGUS, which provides a working explanation for his team with Barry Allen. Since there’s a good chance he’s there on behalf of ARGUS, the organization may have actually sent it. two It’s his men on this mission, the other being Cisco.

Cisco’s return could solve the Season 9 issue

The Flash Season 9 Khione Snow

Bringing back Cisco may solve the problem Flashes Introducing Khion. In creating this new character for Danielle Panabaker to portray, the Arrowverse seems to have killed off Caitlin Snow, who was alive and well in her last appearance. Within one episode, Team Flash learned of his fate, accepted it, and agreed not to resurrect him. This is true considering how long Caitlin has been a part of their lives Flash mourned him less Compared to Killer Frost It was quite a surprise – if, of course, the series had not yet completely passed it. Flash if Cisco returns, Caitlin revisits the dilemma. Her storied friendship could lead to an emotional response to her death that the series should have shown long ago, and perhaps a plan to recover her in some way.