Bytten Studio has announced the release date of its unique monster-hunting role-playing game Animals cassette. The game launches on Steam, Microsoft Store, and PC Game Pass on April 26th, with Switch coming later this spring — which really means we won’t have to wait long to get these little guys together.

Cassette Beasts isn’t just about catching and fighting your monsters like Pokemon or Digimon. And you use the tape to “catch” them. But the best part is that you, the player character, can merge with these creatures yourself or you can merge them with other monsters.

There are over 100 monsters to collect and transform into on New Wirral Island, from trident creatures to ghosts. And they all look amazing in this gorgeous pixel art style. We’re pretty sure we spotted a Kamen Rider-inspired bug in the trailer, and we can’t wait to see all the new creatures in action.

Are you looking forward to cassette beasts? Ready to rock the ribbons and transform into impressive creatures? Tell us about it in the comments.