Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

Hey PlayStation brawlers! This is your informant inside. I’m on the roof of the Velan Studios headquarters and happy to report that Operation: Season 8 Reveal has been a complete success. I just pulled the season 8 announcement masterplan straight from the Viper database! I’m just sitting here waiting for my rescue helicopter to pick me up… for now let me make a deal with you. Here’s what’s in store for Knockout City in Season 8: High Society Heist!

Knockout City: High Society Heist Introduces Poison Ball, Red Hand Crew & More

Maul your pursuers with Poison Orb

The all-new Special Ball is being added to your repertoire in High Society Heist and is sure to infuriate your opponents! The Poison Ball is filled with poisonous knockout gas that leaks out every time it hits a fighter or surface. This dangerous green gas can knock out a crowd in seconds, and the higher the ball’s charge level, the bigger the cloud gets!

This is our first look at the dodgeball that creates constant danger in the area of ​​effect, and the poison ball shines best in the hands of those who can thrive in chaos and think ahead to control the tide of battle.

New “boasts” to show off your stats

We’re giving fighters a new way to show off with Brags, a new unlockable item found in the customization menu! Leave your calling card with a new type of outfit that adds a border and title to your name before and after every match.

There are even Brags that show off your evasive stats! Do you want to prove that you are a master of passage? How about using the KDR of that last match you just earned? You can “favorite” Brags to randomly rotate and show off your freaky prowess this season and beyond!

Meet the Red Hand Team

High society heist is such an exciting theme to see in Knockout City. We already live and brawl in a glorious retro-futuristic stylized world, and now we can delve even further into the neon glitz and glamor of the Roaring 20s iconography… as well as the gritty, mysterious underbelly. Well, you can’t pull off a heist without a ragtag team of specialists targeting a golden MacGuffin, and Red Hand Crew brings style to spades.

From the feather boa and flapper dress of the sultry leader Voxana Valentine, to the majestic robotic form of the mechanical strongman Mugshot, the Red Hand gang’s outfits and accessories will give the fighters a truly unique look. I think The Shadow, the gang’s mysterious secret specialist, might be my personal favorite of the group – with the ethereal effects around their face and their snarling, intimidating vigilante voice, they’re quite the show!

Chase in action

Commissioner Chase has returned from her prominent role in season 4 to go after the Red Hand Gang, and she’s now sporting a brand new look that brawlers can acquire to play as themselves.

To learn all about her adventures, don’t miss the Brawl Pass Deep Space Dispatch! I guarantee fans of the world of Knockout City will be blown away by every new revelation in this noir radio drama.


After finally tracking the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Knockout City, the dastardly duo of Bebop and Rocksteady are here to dodge the fray!

These heinous minions of the Shredder are the best fighters of the Foot Clan and mutant right-handers in all the sinister plans hatched by the old Chrome Dome. The TMNT Villains Bundle gives you everything you need to become your own villain! In addition to full bumbling fighter costumes, you’ll also get awesome player badges, plenty of braggarts, and two incredibly intimidating opening poses that will make them tremble in their shells!

Defeat the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as arch-rivals Bebop and Rocksteady with the new TMNT Villains Bundle, available on PlayStation Store for $19.99.

Bonuses for PlayStation Plus

I’m a little sad… and I mean, I’m wearing a bright blue PlayStation style! High Society Heist is offering a brand new PlayStation Plus Bundle, available for FREE to subscribers on the PlayStation Store!

Get this set during Season 8 to receive an exclusive pixel art costume:

  • Legendary Gear: Electric Blue Silk.
  • Legendary hairstyle: “Blue electrician cap.”
  • Legendary taunt: “Electric blue POW!”

All this and noir, release November 29

That’s all for now, fighters! Consider this an appetizer for the epic High Society Heist feast coming to Knockout City on November 29th on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5!