The long-in-the-works open-world zombie shooter Dead Island 2 is finally—after eight years and numerous delays—almost finally here, and in anticipation of its April 21 release, publisher Deep Silver has just shared 14 new minutes of action. focused gameplay.

This latest broadcast follows Dead Island 2 a bit of an odd showcase in December – which buried a few juicy bits of gameplay amongst a bunch of mostly uninformative live cutscenes – but this time the focus is on gameplay from start to finish.

The final reveal of Deep Silver’s gameplay takes place in Bel Air, just a few hours into the game, as players, having selected Dany as their Assassin, attempt to navigate the sun-drenched (and zombie-filled) streets of Los Angeles in search of Halperin. Hotel evacuation point.


Dead Island 2 – Advanced gameplay

A “foul-mouthed brawler from Ireland with a twisted sense of humor,” Dani is one of the six Slayers in Dead Island 2, and her “balanced” moveset is described as being well-suited to an agile fighting style. Each Slayer has different personalities, stats, and starting abilities, but they can be personalized with help Dead Island 2 skill card system.

Out of the highlights, Deep Silver’s trailer calls attention to Dead Island 2’s extremely gory dismemberment system, noting how its “realistic location-based” damage can be used to the Slayer’s advantage if they target specific weak spots to slow down the undead — which come in standard, variant and powerful top forms.

Throw in a wide variety of melee weapons and cannons that can be upgraded with DIY mods to create increasingly awesome upgrades, as well as environmental props and damaged DNA abilities, and it looks like you’ve got a lot of flexibility in how you approach combat missions, especially with multiple routes and additional side quests between objectives.

You can see all of the above in action at New 14-minute Dead Island 2 gameplay trailerand if undead carnage awaits you, Dead Island 2 launches for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC on April 21st.