The Pokémon Company released the first trailer for the next era of its anime series after main character Ash left the series after 25 years.

The new series stars Friede and his Pokémon partner, Captain Pikachu, as well as main characters Liko and Roy, who embark on an “exciting, action-packed journey.”

The trailer also gives a look at additional characters that Pokémon fans can expect to see in the series, which features the Paldea region of Scarlet and Violet.

Trailer for the upcoming new animated series about Pokemon

The Pokemon anime first aired in 1997 in Japan and in 1998 in the US. As of 2022, Ash and Pikachu have appeared in nearly 1,300 episodes.

While the other main characters have been introduced in spin-offs, this marks the end of an ongoing storyline that will be more than 25 years old when it ends.

There were suspicions that Ash’s story would end when he finally achieved his goal of becoming the Pokémon League Champion last year. This goal is also the ultimate goal of everything Pokémon video games.