Hellboy reboot director Brian Taylor has released some new details about the film, calling it an R-rated folk horror movie in the comic book’s name.

Hellboy reboot director Brian Taylor reveals new details about his R-rated folk horror comic book title. The latest version of the movie Hellboy, a 2019 reboot starring David Harbour, flopped at the box office, grossing just $55 million. It came as a surprise last week when news broke that Millennium Films was taking another hit. Hellboywith a reboot written by original comic creator Mike Mignola.

But this new reboot is really happening, and it looks like the producers are going all out A new take on the Hellboy character. talk to Colliderreboot director Taylor shared his vision and offered new details about the angle he plans to take the story. Hellboy: Crooked Man – a unique name to set for a movie adaptation – must not match previous movie versions Hellboy. Check out what Taylor had to say in the space below:

“I made an R-rated folk horror movie and the Millennium team here has been nothing but supportive. It’s a great group of people and they love horror.”

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How Brian Taylor’s Hellboy differs from Guillermo Del Toro’s

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Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro wrote and directed the first two Hellboy films to create a legacy, at least according to the former Hellboy star Harbour, the 2019 reboot couldn’t match. But in his new conversation ColliderTaylor talked about how his film, which will shoot in April in Bulgaria and Greece, is different from Del Toro’s vision. Hellboy:

The GDT movies were massive space operas and just pure Del Toro. But some of the comics that Mike (Mignola) was doing at the time had a completely different feel. More thin and bad, horrible folk horror. A younger Hellboy roaming the dark corners of the world… A paranormal investigator, a night stalker…

Comic Hellboy: Crooked Man actually came out together with 2008 Hellboy 2, and is related to the title Hellboy, who encounters a demonic entity in rural Appalachia in the 1950s. The setting certainly does Crooked man feel more The genre, which includes film classics like The woven man and A witch. And the film, based on the macabre elements of folk horror, is undoubtedly different from anything attempted before. Hellboy adaptation.

Of course, another important aspect of Taylor’s words is his own opinion Hellboy R-rated. According to his quote, Millennium seems to be completely on board with it, and Mignola, the screenwriter, is causing them so much chaos. Hellboy film as possible. 2019 year Hellboy Of course, it was R-rated itself, and that didn’t help the film’s reception with audiences. But clearly, Taylor and company’s plan is to keep the violence to an R rating HellboyA change from those beloved Del Toro movies, trying to dial in a story that fits a certain era of comics (and 2019 Hellboy restart).

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Source: Collider