Also, NFL star Jason Kelce plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the brothers recently faced off in the 2023 Super Bowl.

Travis Kelce was a surprisingly interesting host Saturday Night Live He brought his family to watch him shine at Studio 8H. One of the funniest sketches of the night was Abby (Heidi Gardner) saw ex Graham (Kelce) at a bar after watching Paddington 3. His friends are the first to point out that the movie they watched was real Cocaine bear, but Abby doesn’t care and just hangs out with her friends. That is until her friends point out that Graham is also at the bar.

Graham mostly runs his own business. Abby wants to talk to him and wants to talk to him because she can totally talk without crying. Madison (Chloe Fineman) rejoins Graham, who introduces him to Abby as his fiancee, and initiates the water works on Abby. Literally, even though Abby mentions her boyfriend several times, she gets water in her face at the idea of ​​Madison and Graham getting married.

When Gardner got up, it looked like he had a mic cord trailing him, which was a little weird, but when the water feature started, it all clicked. This is one of the classics Saturday Night Live The sketches are so simple that it’s funny, and watching Gardner drown in his own “tears” is really funny.

Travis Kelce and Heidi Gardner on SNL
Image via NBC

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When Abby starts crying, it’s revealed that they were dating, but she really broke up for Graham. According to her, when it was three dates (dinner, a walk, and a movie), Graham says that they were all the same date, but now they are both happy with each other. Abby says her tears are “happy” tears because they keep rolling down her face. It’s just the waterfall falling on his face and he’s literally trying to hold them in his eyes with his fingers, but it only causes Gardner to break for a second as the water comes. Abby’s claim that she has a boyfriend turns out to be true, so they might as well be was happy tears.

Her boyfriend shows up and it’s Kelce’s brother, the Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce. When he comes over to hug Abby, it makes Graham cry, even though he seems unconcerned throughout the sketch. You can watch the sketch featuring the Kelce brothers below.