Jane Tennant and company are officially returning to the Aloha State.

CBS is bringing back its biggest crime dramas for new seasons between 2023 and 2024. Today, among many updates, the network announced NCIS spin off NCIS: Hawaii returns to the 50th state for its third season.

NCIS: Hawaii is the last one NCIS location-based spinoffs, debuted in 2021 and quickly became popular on CBS. The series follows a new group of Naval Criminal Investigative Services based and operated in Pearl Harbor. Vanessa LacheyJane Tennant. Between completing national security missions and managing their personal lives, the new Aloha State team quickly became just another set of crime solvers. Season 2 started last year with a crossover This saw Tennant join other members of the staple NCIS crew to foil The Raven’s sinister plot to disrupt an important global military exercise. Overall, while this season didn’t live up to its freshman ratings, it was a solid contributor for CBS along with its co-stars. NCIS series.

the entire core composition of NCIS: Hawaii It is expected to return with a 3rd season, including Lachey as Tennant. In addition, the series features Alex Tarrant, Noah Mills, Yasmin Al-Bustami, Jason Antoon, Tori Andersonand Kian Talan between the ranks.

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Season 2 took a week off, but is expected to resume on Monday with a new episode titled “The Good Samaritan.” According to the synopsis, the crew is involved in a case involving the body of a missing naval officer that washes ashore, requiring the expertise of Special Agent Pike (Mark Gessner) to solve the case. While the episode revolves around a mystery, Tennant also meets his son Alex’s (Talan) new girlfriend.

Read the official statement from CBS President Amy Reisenbach

It’s also a good day for fans of CBS crime dramas Hawaiiparent series NCIS and spinoff series CSI: Las Vegas were also renewed for seasons 21 and 3, respectively. The network will stick with most of its regular content going into the 2023-2024 season, with new seasons Great race, A survivor, Tough as nails, Lingo, 60 minutesand 48 hours also ordered. President of CBS Amy Reisenbach An official statement said:

This season, CBS continues its winning tradition by presenting an unprecedented combination of primetime series and new hit shows that will captivate large audiences on broadcast and broadcast. It’s a testament to the amazing work being done by our top talent in front of and behind the camera that we’ve had another great season and I know we’ll only continue to build on this foundation of great programming. we look forward to next fall.

NCIS: Hawaii A new episode returns on February 27 on CBS. Check out Lachey’s exciting behind-the-scenes teaser for the series’ return below: