Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

I was already reading Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comics when I purchased the Steam version of Telltale in 2012. cruelty. We really are the walking dead. Telltale has shown that they understood this from the very beginning of this series.

The story of Lee and Clementine is central to the first season of The Walking Dead.

The first season was the game for me that made Telltale known to me, although I’ve liked others since then. I played episodes of it one after the other over one agonizing weekend. I baffled my family by crying and relentlessly tapping the keyboard in places until they had to tell me to stop in case I broke it. I still don’t want to get into the details of why it made me do these things if you haven’t played it yet. If not, please play.

Yes, The Walking Dead is about surviving flesh-eating zombies, but mostly about raising, caring for, and respecting children. This is a story about two people – a man Lee and a girl Clementine – who care for each other and find a family even in the most adverse circumstances. This person is a killer, which does not spoil anything, because you will know about it at the very beginning. When I played it, I was still a few years away from becoming a father, so I guess I identified more with Clementine than with Lee.

Now I’m a father of daughters and lost my own father earlier this year, so I’d like to play it again to see if I feel differently about it. I’ve dabbled in most of Telltale’s products since the first season of The Walking Dead, but nothing has captivated me more than this. At least nothing other than being a father in real life.