Hasbro has dropped new images of their retro Kenner line Indiana Jones movement numbers along with their 6-inch Adventure series. Then Raiders of the Lost Ark Released in 1981, Kenner produced a small series of action figures to accompany the film. But unlike the toy manufacturer Star Wars A series spanning Kenner’s original trilogy Indy the series ended after one film. Fans have long wondered what Kenner toys based on the next movies could look like, and Hasbro decided to make those dreams come true.

The Retro line includes figures from Indy and Short Round Temple of Doom, and the number for The Last Crusade, Indy with the Holy Grail.

The 6-inch Adventure Series figures are Target exclusives. They see Indy in his photo Raiders of the Lost Ark The map of the room is gear, and the character is from Kazim The Last Crusade, who did not have a number before.

Chris Reiff, Manager, Product Design, Hasbro Star Wars team spoke to Lucasfilm.com about the choice of Indy and Short Round designs for this toy line, saying:

“It was important to decide which scene from the Temple of Doom to capture in this figure, but in the end there was only one choice – the classic moment of Indiana Jones standing on the bridge with a machete, a torn shirt and a bound hand. This figure was a bit of a departure from the full jacket Indiana Jones figure from Raiders of the Lost Ark and really captured the spirit of the Temple of Doom.

He continued:

“It was a fun project to work on incorporating the Indiana Jones character Short Round into a classic Retro figure style,” says Reiff. “We had some interesting conversations to discuss how this number might have been created if it had happened in the 1980s Kenner line. Every aspect was discussed, especially choosing his height compared to other Indy Retro figures, choosing the torch accessory, giving him a separate shirt piece and getting his iconic hat just right. I love how it turned out, and I think it fits right in with the original figure set.

Check out photos of the toys below and pre-order yours Hasbro pulse website. They can be shipped around April 10th.