“Revolutionary” and “provocative” are two words Idol creator Sam Levinson Used to describe their latest partnership with HBO. Spinal cord Euphoria paired with Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Reza Fahim to bring audiences an aggressive look at the underbelly of the entertainment industry, but viewers are left wondering if the trio might have pushed the envelope a little too far this time around. The production celebrated its holiday World premiere at the Cannes Film Festival to the width panorama by critics used words like “hateful” to describe what he witnessed. However, at the press conference, Levinson and other actors stood by Levinson’s work, saying, “I think sometimes things that could be revolutionary are taken too far.”


For Levinson, who has fielded his fair share of complaints, the idea of ​​overdoing things seems to come naturally. Euphoria. from claims a toxic work environment (also annoying Idol) up to Barbie Ferreira going down Based on her role as Kat Hernandez, she saw no room for character evolution, making the show as unlikable as it was highly praised. Perhaps it is precisely because of this basis that Levinson was able to show the negative aspects not only of critics, but also of dramatic drama. Rolling Stone article published in March.

Hit Idol The article shared the view of several people as “twisted torture porn”. people close to the series who was sad to see derail. What began as “satire” quickly became “what he satirized,” one member said, after Levinson took over. Amy Seimetzdeparture of It was said that Tesfaye was concerned that the story was leaning too much towards a “female point of view”.

Idol Lily Rose Depp

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Now the cat is out of the bag and the industry has finally been given a chance to see how the series plays out, the cast and crew faced a lot of questions at the Cannes panel. Predictably, the now-famous Rolling Stone article left members of the press wondering how this was done. casting and the creative team felt what was said. Before the light bulb went off, Levinson recalls his wife reading the article to him, and he realized, “I think we’re going to have the biggest show of the summer.” in the final draft, Levinson said his only problem with the piece was that “they intentionally left out things that didn’t fit their story.”

The stars of the series, adding their two cents on how the production was done Lily-Rose Depp and Hank Azaria Rushed to Levinson’s defense, the former called Rolling Stone’s report “false” and added that it “doesn’t reflect my experience filming the show.” Corroborating his colleagues’ statement, Azaria said that while he had “been on a lot of dysfunctional sets…this one was the complete opposite,” and even went so far as to say that “the process on set was incredibly creative.” .

When Idol Exit?

With all the drama around Idol At the very least, there’s no doubt that the show’s first episode will draw a crowd when it hits HBO on June 4. Check out the series trailer below: