tottenham manager Antonio Conte supported Harry Kane Enjoying a “bright future” after 30 but will not strain the striker’s contract status.

Kane had another excellent season, scoring 22 goals in all competitions, but his recent FA Cup and Champions League debuts have been unsuccessful. spurs into the 15th consecutive trophy-free season.

He has increased scrutiny over the future of the England captain, whose current tenure will expire in 2024, and has been associated with a summer transfer to Manchester United.

Uncertainty remains about Conte’s own future, and the president does not want to get involved in any discussion between Daniel Levy and Kane’s camp.

“You know very well that in a situation like this it’s hard for the coach to push the situation from one side to the other,” Conte said ahead of Saturday’s trip to Southampton.

“There are players and clubs that will try to find the right situation. I can definitely say what every coach wants. Harry Kane is on the team, but there are many different situations you need to see to find a situation. The problem is with the player and the club, not me.

“My assessment, my decision, I can say that Harry is a really important player for this team, the player who represents this team best. You know his importance in this team.

“Being in the top four can be very important for anyone. Above all for the club, the players, the coach and the fans.

“Of course, many cases are simpler if you get into the top four in many cases.”

Kane will turn 30 this summer, and that only adds to the feeling that the club’s record holder needs to add silverware to match the numerous individual awards on his résumé.

But Conte sees no reason for the Spurs forward to slow down after celebrating a landmark birthday in July.

“As you start to age, you start to get really strong as an actor to take care of every aspect of your life. Getting a lot about yourself on and off the field.

“We’re talking about a player (in Kane) who shows every day that he’s a really good pro.

“I see a bright future for him for the rest of his career because he takes care of himself not just on the court but off the court as well.

“That’s the key when you get over 30, if you take care of yourself you’ll stay on top.

“Definitely, Cristiano Ronaldo It’s a really good example. We have a lot of key players who go on to have great, great careers throughout the time they’ve played.”

While nothing has been confirmed by Tottenham or their managers, Conte is expected to leave when his current tenure ends in the summer.

The Italian may enter the top four in a row, but admits continued disappointment with the Spurs’ failure to end their 2008 trophy starvation.

“Of course, there is always a desire to lift a trophy in my mind and heart. That’s why I’ve been trying to get the whole scene in the right direction ever since I came to Tottenham,” Conte insisted.

“After a year and a half we have made progress in many ways but we need to keep working on this path and sometimes I think we have failed on that path.

“We failed because we weren’t prepared to face the right pressure and stress. I think we’re working on that aspect.

“This season has not been good to lift a trophy but at the same time I can tell the fans that we are working hard to make them proud and to make this club optimistic for the future and ready to lift the trophies. ”