harry brook‘s old school teacher tipped him off to play. England With a colleague who deposited to win £10,000.

stream, Successful in five matches in Test cricket for England so farHe hit a perfect 186 in the second Test against New Zealand.

Now averaging 89.88 in the longer format of the game, Brook’s former school cricket coach Martin Speight, now head of cricket at Sedbergh school in Cumbria, supported his 14-year-old former student to reach the top.

Speight spoke to Mark Shopland, who was the school’s head of hockey at the time, about the variable talent when he acted on Shopland’s advice and invested money in him to reach the top of the game.

“He placed a £100 bet on 100-1,” Speight said. Times. “Unfortunately I didn’t.”

Brook currently has 809 laps in his first nine strokes, which is a record-breaking record since 1993.

The 24-year-old wasn’t always as confident of his potential as his teachers.

“I was a bit of a chubby kid,” Brook recalled when he won a scholarship to Sedbergh for his athletic prowess.

“I needed to lose some weight and that was probably the best place to go for it.”

He spoke brilliantly about Brook Time in the middle with Joe Root, one of the UK’s all-time greats in New Zealand.

Harry Brook succeeds again in New Zealand


“Both me and Joe were moving quite a lot at the crease, we were just trying to push the bowlers away from their length,” Brook said after the duo added centuries to the first innings in this week’s second Test.

“There was quite a bit of it in the early field, so we were really trying to dismiss that.

“It’s amazing to shoot with him, I’ve played a lot of games with him and I’m enjoying every game.

“I think we formed an excellent partnership there. He obviously struggled a bit in the beginning and didn’t quite center anything, but when he got into the innings later on, it was Joe Root that everyone knew and loved.