Christopher Landon talks about Happy Death Day 2U’s poor box office performance, saying it found a following after its release.

Filmmaker Christopher Landon spoke about the low box office of his 2019 film Happy death day 2U. The film is a sequel to the 2017 film Happy death day and grossed $64 million worldwide against a $9 million budget. Although this is a very respectable amount for a low-budget film, Happy death day 2U was considered a disappointment compared to the previous one. Original Happy death day It managed to earn $125 million worldwide on a smaller budget of $4.8 million, making it a bona fide success.

talk to The Hollywood Reporteropens up about writer-director Landon Happy death day 2Uthe performance at the box office. As he thinks about how he might affect a, he recognizes his lesser number potential Happy death day 3, eventually securing a 2019 sequel. Read what Landon had to say about the film’s box office in full below:

I know, I know. I don’t know if they look at what they make at the checkout. I think they see it as, “Well, the first one did this, the second one did that, so the third one will do even less.” They have a certain math that drives them, “Eh.” In addition, they spend a lot of money on marketing. So I understand the economics of it, but I don’t think they even know we’ve built an audience over the years. People finally found their way to the second movie and realized that it was actually fun. So if we had made a third one, I think we would have had a bigger audience than they expected. Or we can do it for Peacock. I do not know. (Laughs.) It doesn’t have to be theatrical. I prefer it, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Will there be a Happy Death Day 3?

Happy Death Day 2U Post-Credits Scene

Landon also spoke about his prospects another Happy death day continuation, said he has a movie in mind and knows what he wants. He believes the film will be bigger than the first two. As a more comprehensive film than that lies the problem Happy death day and Happy death day 2U requires a bigger budget.

As Landon himself says, that’s a tall order. It takes a lot of persuasion and faith in the property to get a studio greenlight for a film like this. Landon says he’s still hoping Universal will let him finish it Happy death day franchise. There is even a word crossing with Strange, Landon’s 2020 film starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn as a teenage girl and a body-swapping serial killer. For now, it’s not something concrete in Landon’s mind, just an interesting idea.

Whether or not Landon can cover it is unclear Happy death day franchise. This may not be a huge gamble because Happy death day 2U, underperformed compared to its predecessor, but still made its budget, etc. So maybe the third movie can do the same with a higher budget. According to Landon, it is as well used as it is he scoffed Happy death day 3 as “really interesting conclusion“to the franchise.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter