Halo Infinite unlocks tons of new maps, modes, and weapons that will be coming to the game in the long-awaited Season 3 update.

Halo Infinite revealed tons of maps, modes, and more in the upcoming Season 3 in a new trailer. The update promises to be the biggest drop of content for Halo Infinite after a while.

343 Industries is hopeful that Season 3 may return Halo Infinitefortunes around. The game had problems at launch, with fans unhappy about the lack of features such as Forge mode, which would later be added to the game. The game makes the best use of the new features Halo Infinite adding playlists for community-created Forge maps as a way to add free new content. It can only keep players happy for so long, so this is the perfect time for Season 3 to come out.


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A trailer for Season 3 has been released on YouTube and showcases many of the new features that will be coming to the game on March 7th. Included in the trailer are three new maps, Oasis, Cliffhanger, and Chasm, as well as the release of a Community Collection playlist where players can play maps and modes created by the community. It also features new gear, the Shroud screen, and a new weapon, the M392 Bandit. The third season should be a huge upgrade Halo Infinite, with probably in the future. Recent leaks have confirmed the existence Infection for Halo Infiniteand while it’s not featured in this trailer, rumors suggest it’s slated for release during Season 3.

There is one glaring omission from the trailer that many players may have been expecting to see in Season 3. It is not visible in the trailer system of career growth for Halo Infinite, which was recently updated by the developer. While this feature will seemingly not make it to Season 3, the long-awaited career progression system is in active development for a future addition.

An important feature of the trailer that many may not have expected is the focus on the multiplayer storyline that expands with each season. The effort put into the plot is understandable, but it could be a source of frustration for many fans. One of the most requested features for the game is the campaign content, and the rumors show it Halo Infinite canceled plans for new story content recently. There are many fans who want a continuation of Master Chief’s story, and seeing multiplayer get a heavy story treatment may be disappointing for some.

Halo Infinite now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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