In November in Winter update added tons of new maps, modes, and features Halo Infinite. One of the most exciting additions was the beta version of Forge, a powerful fan-favorite toolkit that Spartans have used to unleash their creative potential since its inception in Halo 3. We’re happy to announce that as of January 2nd, over 1 million artworks have been faked!

Since the Forge beta release in December, we’ve added a custom game browser that allows players to host and connect to custom matches, including Forge creations. As of January 2nd, more than 8.5 million custom matches have been played since the launch of the Custom Game Browser.

Forge mode infographic

Earlier this month, we featured four amazing creations from the Forge community Community collectionwhich was the most popular Halo Infinite playlist since the game started. This playlist will continue to be updated with more community content in the future, so stay tuned!

To refresh your memory, the following maps are currently included in the community collection:

Forgiveness of sins

Screenshot of Halo Infinite Forge
  • Credits: Anvil Prime 52, Savesme6464, b0b here
  • Bookmark: Forgiveness of sins
  • The map we previously featured in our third Forge Features release, Absolution, has some familiar aspects of several different maps, from Halo 2’s Sanctuary to Halo 3’s Guardian, with the stone-faced Forerunner aesthetic that defined Delta Halo’s look. .


Screenshot of Halo Infinite Forge
  • Credits: Sikamikanico, Whos Blaze, UnknownEmerald, tdubfed1, Bubba
  • Bookmark: Dangerously
  • While not a direct remake of the legendary Lockout from Halo 2, many areas of this map contain elements of that beloved classic that lend a hint of familiarity to this new space.


Screenshot of Halo Infinite Forge
  • Credit: Black Picture, InfiniteForges, Hofsta, tdubfed1
  • Bookmark: Salvation
  • Halo: Combat Evolved’s Damnation features a fresh coat of Banished paint and a beautifully updated industrial aesthetic in a massive cavern.


Screenshot of Halo Infinite Forge
  • Credits: Pwn Jones, TheHoodedManZ, bissuetox, The MetaChief, Hitbox unknown, Max Extra
  • Bookmark: Starboard
  • This stunning UNSC inspired spiritual remake of Midship Halo 2 has everyone lined up for battle.

The Halo community continues to amaze us with its breadth of imagination and innovation, and we have many more plans for Forge, from a mini-game mode to new map budget categories to help fuel your creativity. We’re excited to see what’s to come at the Forge and can’t wait to jump into Season 3: Echoes Within with you on March 7th.