A Halo Infinite player will learn that 343 Industries has added a mysterious easter egg to the map as part of the recent Season 3 update.

The player managed to find a mysterious new easter egg added to an older map in Season 3 Halo Infinite. The mystery will remain Halo Infinite players guess what 343 Industries plans for the next few months.

Season 3 Halo Infinite has finally been released, and first impressions among the community seem to be positive. The new weapon, the Bandit, is great to use, and the new maps got a lot of initial praise. It remains to be seen if Season 3 is actually a step forward for the game, or if it’s just a honeymoon period with lots of fresh content. Season 3 is just beginning. Recent Halo Infinite a leak revealed that Forge World might be making a comeback in Season 3, a move that will greatly increase the potential of the already powerful Forge mode. Combined with a dedicated gaming browser, the return of Forge World could spark a resurgence in popularity for Halo Infinitecustom games.


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It looks like the easter egg was added to an old Live Fire map and was posted on Reddit by user North117. In the clip, the player approaches a locked door where a series of mysterious sounds can be heard from inside. An early leak Halo InfiniteSeason 3 revealed that the classic Infection mode will take center stage in this season’s content and story. Early theories about the noises suggest that they are related to the Infestation mode, as they sound distinctly zombie-esque. The ultimate purpose of the rumblings will only be revealed as Season 3 unfolds over the next few months.

Considering how new Season 3 is Halo Infinite, it is surprising that this secret was found so quickly. It’s possible that 343 Industries has also placed Easter eggs related to the story event on some of the other maps, but there’s still a lot more for players to discover. The Halo The series has always been known for its Easter eggsand it’s great to see 343 Industries continuing the tradition Bungie started over two decades ago.

Such secrets may be enough to show it to the players Halo Infinite It’s worth going back to season 3. It wasn’t easy for a game that launched without many Halo features of the bracket. It doesn’t have everything it needs yet, but a recent update provides clarity Halo Infinitesystem of future career growthbut at least for the first time in a while it looks like it’s headed in the right direction.

Halo Infinite now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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