In our GTA Online street dealer locations today guide, we’ll show you where to find street vendors on March 22. There are three places where they appear and they are different every day. In addition, each dealer has a certain drug for which he is willing to pay extra money. This can make knowing where to find them and what illegal substance they want a very lucrative way to make money. So here’s where they are and what item they particularly want.

Location of street dealers gta online today
GTA Online street dealer locations today

GTA Online Street Dealer Locations Today March 25 GTA Drug Dealers

Today, you can find Street Dealers in the following locations:

GTA Online Street Dealer Locations Today March 21 GTA Drug Dealers

The first of three locations where you can find a street dealer in GTA Online today, March 21st, is in Little Seoul. Specifically, you need to go to the subway entrance near Snr. Bun building. It is on the corner of San Andreas Avenue and Calais Avenue. If you don’t know where to go, look at the image below. Go down the stairs at the subway entrance and immediately turn right to see the dealer. He pays extra for meth.

where to find street dealers gta online march 21
A small entrance to the Seoul subway

To find the second location, head to the Grand Señora Desert. The dealer will be in front of a house just off highway 68. It’s in the middle of nowhere so I can’t give you a clue. Just look at the image below and you’ll be fine. This dealer pays more for weed.

street dealer locations march 21 where to find gta online
Grand Señora desert

The third and final GTA Online street dealer location today, March 21st, is in Grapeseed, on the eastern shore of the Alamo. It’s actually on the border between Grapeseeds and Sandbanks. Follow East Joshua Road east until you reach Park View Diner. Go behind the diner and you’ll see a dealer standing by one of the back doors. She pays extra for the acid.

Restaurant overlooking the park

So, that’s where you can find street vendors on March 21. Keep in mind that they are all willing to buy several different drugs from you. However, everyone has something they want more than others. This drug will be marked with an asterisk in the upper left menu. The dealer will pay more money for this item, so this is a good opportunity to get some extra cash.