It’s the girls’ time to shine in the official music video for Grease Is The Word. Frankie ValliUpcoming song from Paramount+ prequel series, Fat: The Rise of the Pink Ladies. Before we continue, we warn you that the classic tune will immediately get stuck in your head – if you haven’t already read it. The people behind the remix ditched the disco feel of the original movie song, toning down the horn section and picking up the tempo faster. Although the series is set in the 1950s, the title track evokes memories of welcoming the 60s with Tracy Turnblad. Hair spray.


As for the music video, it also plays a role trailer For the upcoming series, the story spells out what’s next for the titular gang of outcasts-turned-cool ladies. The opening moments introduce us to the new official couple, Jane (Marisa Davila) and Friend (Jason Schmidt) who share a quick kiss before the music hits and the whole car starts singing and dancing. Wearing a Buddy’s letterman jacket, Jane walks past the concession stand and past her peers who are rocking out to the title track. As word spread that Jane and Buddy were official, girls in colorful long skirts and guys with curly hair would join the choreography.

The video also introduces us to other leading ladies Tricia FukuharaNancy, Ari Notartomasoof Cynthia, and Cheyenne Isabel Wells“Olivia. The series tells the story of how the famous Pink Ladies came to be; a classic fat The kid crew, the T-Birds, are already a thing, and we get a glimpse of them in the teaser as well. Blending together in perfect harmony, the end of the video sees a big ensemble dance before everything goes back to the car as usual.

the rise of the pink ladies
Image via Paramount+

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Also played a role on Paramount+ fat will have a history of origin Chanel Bailey As Hazel, Jonathan Nieves as Richie, Madison Thompson As Susan and Maxwell Whittington-Cooper As Wally. The project serves as a prequel Randal Kleiser’s film, we can expect to see one fat the hero is on the move again. Jackie Hoffman takes on the role of future director McGee Rise of the Pink Ladiesis paying as an assistant director.

Fat: The Rise of the Pink Ladies Trips to Paramount+ on April 6. You can watch the music video for “Grease Is The Word” below.