Graham Potter Chelsea felt ruined by “cheap goals” as they succumbed to a late goal. Everton Equalizer for 2-2 draw Stamford Bridge.

The home team brutally kept up their pressure in the first half, where they created consecutive chances but didn’t punish Sean Dyche’s side, before surrendering the lead twice as their three-game winning streak ended.

Ellis Simms faced a weak challenge from Kalidou Koulibaly in the 89th minute and stole a point after Everton’s goals. Joao Felix and Kai Havertz’s one penalty seemed to have won despite an equalizer from Abdoulaye Doucoure.

Chelsea, which has become increasingly fluid in their recovery games after the spending spree in January, also lacked a killing instinct inside the box, while Everton repeatedly got away with it when the hosts stepped forward.

This left them vulnerable to a late sucker punch and it came just in time when 22-year-old Ellis scored his first goal for his side and strengthened his team. Premier League hopes of survival.

“We’re really disappointed that we lost two points at home,” Potter said. “You saw the intent of the team, there were a lot of positive things in the performance. But in the end we didn’t defend well enough. Conceding two goals means it’s not that easy to win the game. That’s the disappointing thing.

“Thanks to Everton, they do what they do well. They use their physicality, they use set pieces, they ask you a question. But we controlled most of the game well, as much as you can at this level.

“In the end, the first goal was really disappointing for the set piece, we talked about that before the game. We didn’t score the second goal well enough and exposed ourselves to a large area where we needed to defend and we didn’t do it well enough.

“When you look at how much we put in the game and how much we try to attack, it’s frustrating to be cheap with goals conceded.”

The game was memorable as Felix’s Chelsea jersey was arguably his best performance ever as his threat with the ball in his foot caused problems that even Dyche’s typically well-punched defense had trouble dealing with.

His first goal at Stamford Bridge came home brilliantly after Michael Keane failed to tackle Ben Chilwell’s cross.

He was the victim of Everton’s tough struggles as they tried to control him with brute force, including a sarcastic challenge from James Tarkowski, in particular, where the defender was lucky to escape punishment.

“Joao played a really good game,” Potter said. “I thought he mixed his game well, ran behind, hooked up, dropped, blended in well with Kai, Christian (Pulisic) and Enzo. He’s really happy with his performance.

“There will always be physicality in the Premier League, you expect it. It’s up to the referees to see all the events. But he is constantly adapting and learning.

“In terms of results, it’s a step back. But in terms of performance, it’s a step forward. I think there was a lot of good things in the game. I thought we were attacking well; Joao, Kai, Pulisic were positive in the first half. Reece (James) and Chilwell used the width well, Enzo’s I thought he was creative in midfield.

“Individual performances were positive. The team’s intentions were good. But that feeling is disappointing because we lost points.”