With the new Ryzen 7000X3D processors are arriving today, it’s probably no surprise to see the latest generation models hitting new lows. This is for the Ryzen 5700X, one of the fastest octa-core Ryzen processors ever made (behind the 7700X, 5800X and 5800X3D), and now firmly in the under £200 club. In fact, this processor is currently down to £177 on Amazon UK, which means it’s fast approaching half of its £329 UK retail price.

Yes, I know the picture shows a 5800X processor. Please don’t tell anyone! I didn’t think you would look into it so closely.

While the 5800X3D, 5900X and 5950X represent a big enough step up in performance to make them a viable alternative to the 5700X without requiring the expensive investment of the AM5 platform, with its more expensive motherboards and DDR5 RAM, the 5700X makes a decent case for itself. thanks to still excellent performance, an octa-core design that matches the console, and a significantly lower price than the mentioned alternatives, especially at this discounted price. You can get a good idea of ​​its performance by using looking at our Ryzen 5800X reviewas the 5700X isn’t slower by any meaningful amount and has the same octa-core design.

The 5700X will likely be a good choice for someone running a Ryzen 1700X, 2600, or 3600 who wants a significant upgrade but doesn’t have the budget to use £305 5800X3D for that ultimate AM4 gaming performance. Not all motherboards that support earlier Ryzen CPUs will also support Ryzen 5000, but even some first-gen Ryzen boards can make the jump, so it’s worth looking at what BIOS versions are available for you. Usually the name of your motherboard (as reported in CPU-z) and “Ryzen 5000” or “Ryzen 5800X” are enough. Of course, departure our guide to the best gaming processors can also be great food for thought!

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