Here’s a sneaky trick: If you want a high-end gaming laptop but don’t want to overpay for it, consider the Corsair Voyager A1600. If you buy it from Corsair’s US webstore, add a PC case like this one and then use the code NEW BUILDINGyou can pick up a laptop and a case for much less than the cost of the laptop itself.

In fact, this $1,800 laptop, which debuted last December for $2,300, comes with a Ryzen 9 processor, 32GB of DDR5 RAM, 2TB of NVMe storage, a 16-inch 2560×1600 display (16: 10) 240Hz and a Radeon RX 6800M graphics card, down to just $1,536. And you essentially get a free case that you can resell later if you don’t need it. Or keep it and build a PC on it, because those Corsair cases are seriously awesome!

But is it a good laptop? I think this is a credible first attempt in a difficult category, given that Corsair has made a name for itself with cases, power supplies, fans, and RAM. The laptop looks great, has solid build quality, and performs well – it just doesn’t outperform competing systems with thicker chassis and higher-end Intel or Nvidia components. As you might have noticed, this is an all-AMD laptop with Team Red’s CPU and GPU, so it gets some synergy points and the battery life is decent as a result.

Feedback, like this one from PC Mag, cited the build quality, higher-than-usual 16:10 aspect ratio display, mechanical keyboard, Thunderbolt support, and 1080p webcam as major positives. The only downside is the specs you get for the price are now clearly addressed with this deal. . There was also a check of notebooks in love with the device:

“Corsair has created a truly remarkable device with the Voyager a1600. The combination of AMD SoC and AMD GPU is good and quite convincing in the test… The Voyager a1600 looks especially high-end thanks to the choice of materials, which also makes the device very stable. The device doesn’t look clunky at all… (and) with its unique streaming features, the Voyager A1600 will be remembered.”

This is what your cart should look like with your laptop, case and code.

All in all, a solid laptop for the money, especially when you get it for nearly $800 less than when it was introduced just four months ago! This is a super bargain, so we have to give a shout out to Reddit user /u/3ng1neer who the first one found it’s a bit of a sneaky combo.