Google is “positioning itself as the primary technology partner for live service video game publishers,” offering its cloud gaming technology to other companies.

According to Axiosthe tech megacorp is “touting its cloud program as proof that it continues to invest in games,” despite shutting down its Stadia cloud gaming service back in January.


“It was at the point where we essentially had to make a decision about Stadia that we realized that at Google Cloud, we’re best at helping other people build it, not necessarily building it ourselves,” said Google Cloud Director. solutions for the gaming industry, Jack Baser told Axios.

That includes offering what Axios calls “Google’s three-part cloud package,” which includes servers, cloud storage data management, and “searchable player and game analytics,” which Google says will help live service titles cope with bursts of popularity. Current clients include Ubisoft, Unity and Niantic.

“Google is absolutely committed to games, which are such an important part of our messaging,” added Boozer. “When we decided on Stadia, we just thought, look, we’re committed to games as an industry.”

Interestingly, however, this package doesn’t include cloud streaming itself.

“We don’t offer that streaming option because it was tied to Stadia itself,” Boozer later told Axios. “So unfortunately when we decided not to move forward with Stadia, that (business-to-business) proposition could no longer be offered.”

“Stadia does not close”Google insisted when asked directly on Twitter whether a June 2022 shutdown was imminent. After only three months, the cloud gaming service was besieged announced that it will close on January 18, 2023 – news even developers who are still hard at work on Google Stadia projects did not expect. Stadia has issued refunds to those who purchased hardware through the Google Store.