Despite receiving absolute pandemonium from critics and fans alike, Daedalic Entertainment is apparently working on another Lord Of The Rings game. The studio has just released its first game based on the hit series, The Lord of the Rings: Gollumwhich quickly became the worst reviewed game of the year.

As reported by the German publication Gameswirtschaft.dedetails of Daedalic’s second Lord Of The Rings game have been revealed in database of video game projects receives a German state subsidy. The project is codenamed “It’s Magic” and will reportedly be released by August 2024 with €2 million in subsidies from the German government.

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The database even has a full description of the rumored game, which we’ve included below:

Daedalic is working on a new project that will transport the player to a lush world full of mythical creatures and magic. It tells a story from a character’s point of view that has never been told before. The player discovers completely new regions and affects the events of the world within the limits of his role and his capabilities. In his own way, he tries to influence the course of things and change the fate of the world. This project is aimed at avid fans of fantasy and 3D adventure genres worldwide.

We have to stress that apart from the details obtained from the German database, there has been no official announcement regarding the second Lord Of The Rings game from Daedalic Entertainment. If the rumors are true, the game was probably in development before the release of The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum. But given the spectacular failure of Gollum, it’s entirely possible that the rumored second game won’t even see the light of day.

The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum currently has a “mostly negative” rating on Steam and is the worst reviewed game of 2023 with a Metacritic score of 38. Various outlets claim that The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum is not. just full of bugs and glitches, but also has poor level design, clunky controls, and a weak story.

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