Not sure how to get gold armor in Sons of the Forest? We will help you! Sons of the Forest is an open world survival game set in a vast mysterious forest. As such, it hides numerous secrets and isolated locations to be discovered. In this manual we explain where to find a set of golden armor in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Golden Armor Location

Where to find gold armor in Sons of the Forest

So where to find this set? It is located in one of the many hidden facilities and bunkers built underground or in caves. This cave is located in the southeastern part of the map, near a large lake under the mountains. This is the largest lake on the map, which is hard to miss. The entrance to the cave is east of the lake. See our map below for exact location.

Before we continue, fair warning – minor spoilers ahead! As you enter the cave and continue forward, you will eventually find a man-made hatch that leads into one of these mysterious bunkers. By the way, you will need a Technical key card to enter here. On the 1st level of this bunker, a cutscene will start with a grotesque monster and several people. After that you can explore the first level of the bunker. However, there is no golden armor there. Rather, it’s level 2. So, go back to the stairs and go down the extra level.

On the second level, you will enter a wide corridor with several rooms and loot in them. However, to find the gold armor, you should go to the second corridor, which looks the same, and enter the second room (Katana located in the first room). In the second room, there is some foam/water at the entrance. And inside you will find a golden armor lying on the couch.