Netflix’s brilliant regent drama When Bridgerton when the waltz was performed on stage three years ago, it was immediately praised for its variety. The show, which immediately stood out from most period dramas, chose to feature a black queen at the center of the story in the form of Queen Charlotte.Golda Rocheuvel).

on the back of Brigerton’s A brilliant success of the main author of the series Shonda Rhimes and author of the original book series Julia Quinn teamed up on the prequel Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story, which will be released as both a series and a novel. Before Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Storyat the opening of the original royal Rocheuvel hailed the celebration of black history as part of the story.


The tale explores the epic love story of the young Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.Indian Amarteifio) and the young King George III (Corey Mylchrist). Their marriage marks a tonal shift in tone and inevitably forces the young monarch to face a rollercoaster of challenges. Rocheuvel said that the story is a way of learning about representation Digital Spy:

“I think it’s really important to celebrate Black history, especially in the world we’re in right now, and through a female hero, a female historical figure. I think that’s really cool and beautiful and right and it’s a great story because we, I think that’s very rare. I said it’s love that meets. And these two people know that in the 18th century they were very passionate about each other and they wanted to be together and they were a mixed couple and they wanted to celebrate that and a wonderful experience happened.

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Rochevel’s passion for details creates a wonderful dramatic story in the style of a true royal romance. Along with Charlotte’s new husband harboring deep secrets that have the power to “shake the foundations of the monarchy,” the synopsis says the young queen will face several challenges of her own. Rhimes has said before The Sunday Times how he “has everything he wants, but he suffers.” Although painfully vague, there is hope that the upcoming story will reveal a softer side to Queen Charlotte, whose fierce personality viewers have been witnessing throughout the main series.

The spin-off comes after a very big one successful second season for Bridgerton. Amassing 193 million viewing hours in its opening weekend, the show entered Netflix’s Top 10 in 92 countries. The series won acclaim for its portrayal of South Asian women in a passionate romance between Viscount Anthony Bridgerton.Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). Kate and her sister Edwina Sharma (Charitra Chandran) were depicted as vibrant, bold and intelligent characters who offered a positive mainstream representation of the South Asian community that was accepted globally.

Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story It will be streaming on Netflix on May 4th and will be on bookshelves in novel form after May 9th. You can watch the trailer of the upcoming series below.