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  • Boss Fight: Ancient Frost

God of War RagnarokUnsurprisingly, in the chapter Unlocking the Mask, Atreus finishes what he started and combines the mark fragments. This is the final chapter of Atreus Ragnarok’s single player storyline. It will take you to the cold kingdom of Niflheim. But before that happens, you need to get back to good old Asgard. Although after the recent death of Heimdall, you may find that you are warmer in Niflheim.

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As another head of Atreus, you will once again be traveling along a fairly straight forward route. However, as with these chapters, there will still be treasures to collect along the way. And since you cannot return to the Atreus sections of these worlds, this will be your only chance to capture them in the wild. Lucky for you, we are here to guide you!


Mask unlock

God Of War Ragnarok, Mask Unlock, Fenrir's Return Home

This quest will start with a very, very short stop in Midgard. You will chat with Fenrir, relax with Angrboda, and then head to your home. At this point, you will return to Asgard. From here, your options will be quite limited. Although you may have observed a number of optional interactions in the past, the only one you can interact with here is between Sif and Trud. If you stay nearby, you can even talk to Sif one-on-one. For obvious reasons, you won’t enjoy swearing at Heimdall in the common area. Well. Talk to Odin and he will send you on a mission to Niflheim. But first, you need to find your trusty companion: Thor.

Tavern Black Bolt

God Of War Ragnarok, Mask Opening, Einherjar Parry

You are about to head to the local tavern with Trud. Your weapon will be stripped of you, and after a brief conversation with Thor, you will, as expected, find yourself in a giant brawl. In the first phase, you will fight several unarmed einherchers. All of their kicks are pretty slow, so they very easy to parry. Just hit them with your bow, let Ingrid cut them, and you’ll go right through them in no time.

God Of War Ragnarok, Opening the Mask, Einhehyar attacks with a weapon

Once you’ve completed the first game, you’ll have a short conversation with Thor and then you’ll be grabbed by another Einhercher. You will then encounter another group, this time however, they will be armed. However, to balance the situation, Trad will join you. You’ll be fighting a wave of these sky goons before Thor accidentally catapults you to the second floor.

God Of War Ragnarok mask unlock third floor second floor

Once you land at the top, you will need to fight three Einherjars. Trad won’t help you this time. However, they are all unarmed, so they are easy to parry. As soon as you take out these three, arrows will be thrown at you. Now kill the Einherjar below. Eventually, the floor will give way and Atreus will be grabbed by the giant Einhercher. In fact, the battle in the tavern is over. You just need to help Thor get out of the tavern, after which you will go to Niflheim.

Eternal abyss

God Of War Ragnarok, unlocking the mask, grabbing the Hacksilver pouch near the glowing alter

The moment you arrive in Niflheim, turn around 180 degrees, jump to the altar and grab a heavy bag of chopped silver. Turn left from the altar, go down the corridor, shoot the barrel hanging from the ceiling, take the Hacksilver, turn right around the corner and open the red chest. Now return to the main room, but stick to the far left wall.. You will rise to an elevated platform. Here you will find another chest. Thus, you will officially clear this area of ​​all its treasures. Pass through the right side of this area and you will find yourself on a bridge of ice.

God Of War Ragnarok, Unlocking The Mask, Fighting The First Group Of Hell Walkers

As soon as you get to the bridge, you will be attacked by a group of hel walkers. Nothing you haven’t experienced a million times. On the left, you can jump onto a ledge. There is a chest here. Once you get the chest, jump down and head towards the main path. You will enter a wide open room. On the other side of the room there will be some Hel Walkers throwing projectiles. Destroy them with your arrows. Once they are dead, help Thor finish off the others. From here, all you have to do is remove your mask once you’re in the right corner of the arena. Thor will break this ice wall and you will be able to progress.

God Of War Ragnarok, Mask unlock, Hel walker hiding in ice

You will follow a linear path. Other than a bucket hanging from the ceiling, there’s not much you can do other than move straight ahead. Once you get to an area with a giant ice obstacle in the middle, prepare for an ambush. Once you get close enough, a Hel Walker with a giant ax will burst out of this ice block. Several Nightmares will join the fight. Clear them and move forward. You will fight another axe-wielding one, as well as a Hel-Walking shield. Once you finish them off, turn left and you will find another treasure chest.

God Of War Ragnarok, Mask unlock, Second wall to break

Go to the right corner of the room. Head towards the wall of frozen debris in the right corner and remove your mask. This will cause Thor to destroy said wall. You will now enter an ice cave. Nightmare will have a Hel-Walker, but with Atreus’ superior stun ability and Thor being a force of nature, this is hardly even a hindrance. Once you kill these guys, you will face another group of Nightmares and Hell Walkers. Once you’ve cleared them, jump onto the large open area. It’s time to fight the Ancient Frost.

Boss Fight: Ancient Frost

God Of War Ragnarok, Unlocking The Mask, The Frost Ancient

Ancient Frost is essentially the same as the Ancient Forest you fought in Vanaheim. It has the same projectile that fires rocks, and they also have a beam-based projectile attack. Also, the only time you can damage him is when his chest opens up, which happens just before an attack or when they are stunned. During this battle, you will also be fighting several Hel Walkers. Focus most of your attention on shooting the Ancient Frosts, but get a few headshots here and there to thin out the regular Hellwalkers.

Atreus will deal most of his damage with thrown attacks, so you can fight with your back against a wall, making it much harder for regular Hellwalkers to sneak up on you.

God Of War Ragnarok, Mask Unlock, Frost Giant Projectile Attack Evasion

The best thing about the Ancient Forest boss fight is how elegantly it highlights the differences between Kratos and Atreus. When you fight this massive golem as Kratos, you need to be very thoughtful in your actions, but Atreus’ greatly increased mobility means he can take more risks and run out of danger. Similarly, Atreus’ projectile attacks are just drastically faster than Kratos’ ax throws. This way, even if you don’t have a fully loaded bullet, you will still be able to fire some arrows if you see a hole.

God of War Ragnarok, Mask Unlock, Thor Dealing Huge Damage

However, on the other hand, although it is much easier to stun the Ancient Frost, Atreus deals significantly less damage to a sentient pile of stones. Fortunately, you are not alone. Thor is with you. And you know what? The big guy hits hard. So, what you want to do is stun Elder Frost when Thor is nearby and kill all the enemies that Thor is currently fighting as soon as you do that. This will result in Thor taking one or two shots at the colossal creature. It only takes a few Thor attacks before this boss becomes Frost Ancient History.

Combining mask parts

God Of War Ragnarok, mask unlock, find the last mask piece

Now meet Thor in the right corner of the map and get the mask. Thor will break down an unbound wall for fun. This side area has one or two Hel Hodoi that you will need to kill. Once you’ve done that, grab the chest that’s on your left. After you do this, look for the nearest drop. Jump down and you will get a red chest. After you take this chest, jump back and return to the main path. Put on the mask again and Thor will break the correct wall.

God Of War Ragnarok, Mask Unlock, Nightmares You Fight Last

Walk down the main path. You can destroy the Hel-Walker to your right. There is some Hacksilver on a nearby corpse to reward you. Now head back to the main path and you’ll fight some Hel Walkers and some Nightmares. Once you clear them, go along the right wall and open the nearest chest. Now go to the edge of the cliff and remove the mask. All that’s left to do is sit back and watch the cutscenes unfold. You have completed the Mask Unlock section of the game.

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