An interesting glitch in God of War Ragnarok brings a certain character back to life and renders their visual model where it shouldn’t be.

Strange God of War Ragnarok the bug brings Brock of the Huldr brothers back to life at the end of the game at a bonfire in Vanaheim, even though the dwarven smith meets his untimely death at the hands of Odin during the game’s main story. Brock’s death is one of the game’s many heartbreaking and emotional moments that set the game’s dark and serious tone God of War Ragnarok and guide his exceptional story through many twists and turns.


Brock and Sindri are two dwarves who help Kratos and Atreus god of war and God of War Ragnarok upgrading your weapons and equipment and offering advice and companionship when needed. Although God of War RagnarokSindri sees quite a bit of character development as he deals with grief and feelings of anger and revenge, Brock also gets some closure as a character over the course of the game.

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Redditor Due_Forever1193 posted a screenshot of them visiting Freyr’s camp in Vanaheim after the main story was completed, and apparently Brock comes back from the dead to follow them around the camp. This visual glitch carries the emotional weight of players wanting Brock back from the dead to celebrate his victory over God of War Ragnarokthe main villain is Odin. If Brock could have been there, he would have joined the rest of Freyr’s camp to revel in their victory and celebrate the fall of the Aces with everyone else.

Sony showed God of War Ragnarok as a favorite PS5 game so far, according to a poll of fans and players. And while it didn’t win Game of the Year in 2022 at The Game Awards, God of War Ragnarok it’s definitely Santa Monica’s biggest achievement in 2018 god of war game, creating a great story and gameplay.

Kratos and Atreus (and several other companions) traverse the Nine Realms in search of a way to defeat Odin and the Aesir and end Fimbulwinter. As they do so, they encounter many tough enemies, puzzles, and other challenges that must be endured. Players overcame these challenges in god of war Ragnarok and master the game’s complex combat mechanics to emerge victorious even on the highest difficulty level.

God of War Ragnarok is full of memorable characters like Brock that stick in players’ minds even after dozens of hours of gameplay. So a glitch that brings a lovable character back to life is more of a pleasant surprise than a distracting visual glitch.

God of War Ragnarok now available for PS4 and PS5.

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