Peaches, get ready for more mayhem and corpses – we’re going back to Wellesbury.

Peaches, hold on to your hats, we’ll get back to Wellesbury eventually. That’s right, Netflix confirmed not only the third, but also the fourth part of Ginny and Georgia on the way. in his heart, Ginny and Georgia tells the story of the troubled relationship between Georgia (Brianna Howey) and his children Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Austin (Diesel La Torraca).

The news will surely come as a relief to the viewers who witnessed the show a whirlwind second season. The second chapter saw Ginny face the reality that her stepfather was behind Kenny’s death (Darryl Sheelar) – Georgia poisoned Ginny after making a nasty move on her. As if learning as a teenager that your mother can commit murder in your name isn’t enough, Ginny also has to face the fact that her main parental figure has perfected the art of making everyone around her fall in love at first sight. . with exactly who they should be.


Season 2 puts Georgia’s past under the microscope

The second season focuses on Georgia’s traumatized youth, explaining why she regularly projects her struggles onto her daughter, further complicating their dynamic. This only escalates when Ginny and Austin are forced to move in with Georgia’s fiancee, Mayor Paul. Although she is nice enough, Ginny struggles with the fact that Paul sees Georgia through rose-colored glasses and knows very little about her true past of fraud, kidnapping, and kidnapping. definitely murder. The show reaches a fever pitch in the season two finale, which sees Georgia’s past come full circle as she is arrested on her wedding day and passed out in front of her shocked children.

In Ginny & Georgia Season 1, Georgia smiles while Ginny looks unhappy.
Image via Netflix

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With Georgia’s future hangs in the balance — and possibly a prison break — season three is going to be a great show. Show creator Sarah Lampert previously hinted at Netflix Tudum The third season will welcome “new obstacles, new relationships and new challenges,” he said, leaving plenty of room for chaos in Georgia.

Ginny and Georgia season three has no release date yet. Stay tuned to Collider for more updates.