People are annoying creatures. Without the influence of giant crabs and grinning giant monkeys, who knows what horrors we could unleash? Fortunately, we won’t have to find out after simulating the deity Reus returns with a sequel: Reus 2. This is another side-scrolling God game that puts you in control of elemental titans who can terraform planets to benefit or terrorize the people who live there. Check out its colorful reveal trailer below:

“The original Reus is ten years old, and a lot has changed in the gaming world,” say developers Abbey Games. “We are excited to bring Reus 2 into this new era and show what it can offer to all those who want to create their own perfect world!”

This ideal world now has some new giants to play with. Early screenshots show a leggy ice giant walking in the ocean, a deity whose crouch creates what looks like a mountain, and another guy standing on a rock, who looks a lot stockier this time. You can still use the giant’s powers to terraform the land and control the fauna and flora, all of which will steer the planet’s society in different ways.

Developing God complexes is a human specialty, meaning that the inhabitants of your planet can stand up to the giants if they are either unfortunate or simply spoiled. But you can just throw that planet away and start over. (I kind of wonder when that will happen to us.)

Ten years ago, Alec Meyer enjoyed his time with the original Reus. “I’m strangely happy just sitting there in freeplay mode spinning a huge globe while my giants grumpily haul their impossible mass around a perfectly round planetary crust,” Alec wrote in his Reus impressions. “I think that would be my perfect screen saver.”

Reus 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can add it to your wishlist steam.

After the release of Reus, the Abbey Games team continued to launch the turn-based strategy Famous researchers and a slightly different game with God Divinityreplacing the friendly giants with a familiar faceless creator.