The new collection arrives in March just in time for the return of Ghostface the Killer.

Hard to believe it’s less than two weeks away from release Scream VI or, as the fanbase officially calls the sequel, “Ghostface Takes Manhattan.” The marketing of this downtown New York City bloodbath has had a lot of fun with its killer new location. First time since Woodsboro Scream 3, Ghostface has seen many sights. They visited the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Central Park and many other New York attractions. However, Ghostface can’t have all the fun in the Big Apple. Thanks to the scary folks at Cavity Colors, you can live out your New York Ghostface fantasies with inspiration from their latest collection. Scream VI.


Fashionable ghost

Collection, which was announced last month, offers a variety of clothing options to meet all Ghostface needs. The basic design takes the form of a t-shirt and zip-up hoodie, featuring the iconic slasher villain from a New York postcard. It has a very vibrant comic book inspired look and postcards are synonymous with the city that never sleeps as you can find on almost every street corner. If you buy the zip up hooded version, this design is featured on the back, while on the front, Ghostface takes a knife from a biting apple. This is a clear reference to one of the city’s many nicknames. In the next t-shirt design, Ghostface is ready to kill an unknown woman in a dark alley. What’s unique about this image is that it features a second Ghostface that looks more grim reaper-like than usual. Scream killer It’s fitting, given that Ghostface’s costume in the original classic was called “Father’s Death.” It’s mostly just a cool design, but it could also hint at the identity of one of the killers in the new movie. Regardless, this shirt comes in two colors, black and blue.

The final version of the shirt features a simple but satisfying image of Ghostface holding a bloody knife. The blood spells out “Horror Movies Forever” perfectly, and this design has one of the best looks of Ghostface’s new weatherproof mask. Everything in this amazing collection has an updated mask, but this design puts it front and center. This horror movie look comes in the form of both a t-shirt and a baseball jacket, the latter with blood-red sleeves. The final item in this collection is a reprint featuring the same bloody Ghostface in sweatpants. It’s perfect for anyone on the run from a killer.

A ghost face holding a knife in Scream

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When is Scream VI coming out?

Scream VI All will be released in theaters on March 10, 2023. The film sees the return of the Sam sisters (Melissa Barrera) and Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) to continue the story that started with Scream 2022 with Gail Weathers (Courteney Cox) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere). The Cavity Colors collection goes on sale on Tuesday, February 28 at 5pm and will ship right around the time of the slasher sequel’s release. While we wait for Ghostface and this new collection to run wild in New York, you can check out Cavity Colors’ past horror collections. website.