As movie buffs (and pickers), we know how important a good streaming service is. Enjoying our favorite movies and discovering new ones is as essential to most of us as food and air. However, with so many streaming options at our fingertips, finding the right one is always difficult. While the process of cutting the cord can save you money each month for more freedom to pay for the programming you want, it can be a particularly daunting experience. After all, how do you find an affordable, customized service with tons of choices to boot?

Sling TV, first of all, offers a very elegant solution, allowing you to create a personal movie library from hundreds of channels. May 22nd to May 30th (very economical) To sweeten the deal, SlingTV invites lucky Collider readers FXM Freeview Free Week is the best place to stream your favorite blockbuster movies and Live TV favorites when you sign up.


What is Sling TV?sling-tv-offer-brand

Simply put, it’s a streaming service that focuses on personal curation and access. Its creators understand that the movies we love are personal, and everyone wants easy and affordable access to them, whether they’re new blockbusters or timeless classics.

That’s all you need Choose a Sling TV Basic plan, then select from a selection of additional channel packs. Sling TV categorizes each package according to their interests (Hollywood Extra, Comedy Extra, Lifestyle Extra, etc.) and offers 10 additional channels. There is also an option to add premium channels for a small fee. With your preferences set, you’re ready to watch movies for free on bundled channels, set up a separate rental queue, or see what’s playing on live TV.

Unlike many bundles out there, you’ll never overpay for channels you’re not interested in. Sling TV’s basic plan runs up to $40 per month, with add-ons only costing $6 per bundle. There are no contracts and you can use the official app to enjoy your catalog wherever you go.

Why is this exclusive Sling TV package perfect for movie buffs?sling-tv-brand-2

When you sign up for the Sling TV Blue plan + Hollywood Extra add-on deal, you get a limited-time offer of Sling TV (In partnership with Collider!) FXM Freeview’s great streaming resource for a week of Freeview’s most talked about new releases and old blockbusters. While it comes with any basic package, Sling TV recommends the Blue plan, which is ideal for entertainment fans and news junkies with 39 channels and the ability to stream on three separate devices.

And the Hollywood Extra channels have enough movies to satisfy everyone’s taste. FXM Freeview itself has a diverse library of genres. You and your partner can enjoy a date night with your favorite comedies 27 dresses, date night, and Just Married. Prefer a horror movie? such as new publications Contract of foreigners or Ma haunts your nightmares. If you want something more familiar, there is a wide range of offers A true lie, a broken arrow, and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Critically acclaimed India also has a lot to offer Antebellum and crime drama White boy Rick.

For the most dedicated moviegoers, FXM Freeview is packed with today’s most talked-about filmmakers and titles. It doesn’t matter whether you are seeing them for the first time or discovering them: Jordan Peele we, Taika Waititi jojo rabbit Peaceful place played a role John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, and as critically acclaimed biopics Hidden numbers and Based on sexall transmitted via FXM.

Sling TV makes watching movies easy

The most attractive package here is Sling TV – Blue + Hollywood Extra, which is specially designed for movie fans, and this offer is only for Collider readers. Don’t worry too much if you miss the May 22-30 registration window. From May 30 to June 6, Collider fans can get $10 off their first month of Sling TV Blue + HALF OFF Hollywood Extra. All benefits above still apply, including $10 off your first month with Sling TV.

With so many movies, you may never want from the comfort of your couch. They say there’s too much time to watch and too little time to watch — but Sling TV makes it easy. Click here to learn more about these offers and sign up for Sling TV today.

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