German unions are calling on thousands of workers across the country’s transport system to stage a one-day strike on Monday that is expected to cause widespread disruption to flights, trains and local transport.

Service workers union Verdi and the EVG union, which represents many rail workers, announced the 24-hour strike in a joint appearance on Thursday, which comes as workers in many sectors have sought pay rises to combat inflation.

These will include security and ground workers at all German airports, except Berlin.

Verdi is engaged in a series of wage negotiations, it is seeking a 10.5% pay rise. Employers have offered a total of 5% in two stages plus one-off payments of €2,500. EVG is seeking a 12% increase. Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s largest rail operator, has also offered a two-stage increase totaling 5% plus one-off payments.

Germany’s annual inflation rate in February was 8.7%.

It marks the latest in strikes and protests that have hit major European economies as higher food and energy prices cut incomes and living standards following the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.