The Genshin Impact Baichu and Ganyu banners didn’t hit players at launch in version 3.6. According to anime gameAccording to sales estimates, they performed even worse than Dehya and Cyno, which was controversial, to say the least. It’s surprising that Baiju, Ganyu and Kave are trying to compete with a banner that has had so many complaints that #FixDehya hashtag gained real popularity on Twitter.

There are several possible reasons for the low sales, and when you put them all together, it’s easy to see why this banner was completely unwanted. Baijchu and Ganya they seem to be popular characters in the community, but the gun banner was one of the worst we’ve seen in a long time.

Neither Bow of Amos nor Catalyst Jadefall’s Splendor can be considered the best in the slot for more than a few characters – they’re simply not worth looking for.

Also, this is Ganyu’s third iteration since her release back in 1.2, which means most players who want her already have her on their teams. Bhaiju and Coffee new, but when viewed Genshin Impact Level Liststhey’re not good enough for anyone to consider them must-have characters.

Honkai: Star Rail also released around the same time as this banner, which is probably the biggest reason for the sales you see below.

Genshin Impact's Baizhu Banner Sales Even Lower Than Dehya's: Colorful Sales Infographic with Anime Icons and Figures

The chart comes from GenshinLABwhich is a site that generates sales estimates for a large portion of the gaming community using sales data from the Chinese App Store.

Baizhu and Ganyu managed to generate approximately US$9,108,580 (£7,383,050), less than even KeqingCustom Banner – A banner that essentially used the standard banner character as a placeholder before a more desirable character could be released.

Genshin Impact 3.7 just started, so it’s too late to pull for Baizhu and Ganyu. But now you can use it Use the codes and get new event gems Joimia, Yae Mikoand Kirara in the first half of this update.