AND Genshin Impact the player manages to deal more than one million damage to Diluk in an attempt to complete the bounty in Liyue. in Genshin Impactplayers can upgrade a character’s talents to increase their stats and unlock useful abilities.

After significant progress in main story Genshin Impact, players can accept weekly rewards for additional rewards and reputation boosts. Each region in Teiwata has its own reputation level, so HoYoverse encourages players to visit each region and complete bonuses to gain more benefits. In addition, certain rewards can significantly increase the damage to help the player successfully complete it within a certain time limit. These bonuses stack with any existing damage effects that the character normally uses, resulting in high damage potential for a limited time.


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Genshin Impact player Koda140 deals 1.4 million damage to Diluk thanks to a significant damage boost from Bounty and the character’s powerful Constellation abilities. Constellation Diluka’s second ability, Sealing Ember, increases attack damage by 30% for a short time. Sealing Ember allows Diluk to deal a lot of physical damage to regular enemies and bosses with his claymore. After combining the Sealing Ember buff with the damage-dealing Liyue bounty buff, Koda140 was able to deal more than one million damage with a single dive attack against Mitachurl Rock Shieldwall.

However, the use of the Immersive Damage effect seems to be limited to the active area of ​​the reward. As a result, Koda140 can only use this particular damage effect against the target and any other enemies that happen to be nearby. Also, only three bounties can be completed per week Genshin Impactso the chances of getting a deep damage effect are pretty low.

Koda140 highlights the incredible damage increase that lasted for a while Genshin Impact players may not be aware due to its limited nature in the current bounty system. Dealing more than a million damage with a single attack is impossible in most cases Genshin Impact content, and players must summon Diluc multiple times to gain the Sealing Ember ability. Nonetheless, Diluc is a valuable Pyro DPS character which deals impressive damage in Spiral Abyss and is typical Genshin Impact activity

Genshin Impact players can summon Diluk at will from the Wanderlust Invokation event, which is a standard banner in the game. Kirara’s Dendro character will soon debut in the game Genshin Impact version 3.7, and players may want to add her to the team. Kirara and Diluk can be formidable in a team thanks to their ability to trigger Dendro and Pyro’s powerful elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact is currently available for Android, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development with no confirmed release date.

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