In-game shots of one of the Genshin ImpactFuture game heroes appeared on Reddit. User u/rice guardian, identified by the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit as a reliable source, has shared two short videos in the past 24 hours showing four-star hero Baiju switching between two separate teams during combat in the game.

Baichu is not a completely new character MiHoYoThe ultra-popular MMO as he exists since Genshin Impact 1.0, running Bubu’s Apothecary in the Sea of ​​Clouds area of ​​Liyue and serving as guardian to the unfortunately zombified Tsiki, a playable Krio hero and swordsmith. which was included in the list in the fall of 2020. However, the developer has already announced that Baiju will be joining the roster of in-game characters as a four-star hero in the upcoming 3.6 update, which is currently scheduled for April 12th.

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The leaked videos are short at 35 and 31 seconds respectively, and the longer of the two definitely reveals more about the next four-star hero in line for Genshin Impact, zooming in for a close-up of one of his Dendro specials as he teams up with Sintsu , Hay and the male version of the Traveler.

As far as leaks go, there isn’t much to it in the second and shorter video, as the player switches between characters pretty quickly, with Baijou barely making it into two seconds of screen time, with Cyno taking up most of the spotlight.

In terms of the game, Dr. Baizhu himself is in very poor health, so he needs to go home and rest after taking care of his patients with a smile.

Genshin Impact fans seem happy to add Baizhu to their rosters, along with some YouTubers referring to it as “must pull”. This should be good news for the HoYoVerse powers that be, as the latest update earlier this month brought with it the premium five star hero Dehyaa pyro tank considered by many to be one of the worst characters in the game’s roster.

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