Genshin Impact’s publisher, Cognoshere, continues to take legal action against certain leakers by subpoenaing Twitter. In the past, the publisher has done the same with Discord to target specific, well-known whistleblowers Genshin Impact Discord channels – the biggest target is a liquor called Ubacha. This time, Cognosphere is taking action against Xwides, Merlin Impact and GenshinWorld – other well-known liquors in anime gamecommunity

Cognosphere appears to have forced a California court to issue Twitter a subpoena, ordering it to provide the names, addresses, phone numbers and any email addresses associated with the three leakers.

All three reacted differently to the legal move. Xwides is a Russian leaker with over 93,000 followers on Twitter, and they seem a little confused by the news, as they’ve just released even more upcoming Genshin Impact content in the past 24 hours.

This answer is markedly different from Ubachi’s answer. Faced with a similar situation, Ubacha deleted a large number of tweets and submit an application saying they will no longer distribute Genshin Impact content.

GenshinWorld followed Ubatchi’s example and completely deleted their own Twitter page. Meanwhile, Merlin Impact recently tweeted that they would simply switch to another platform if Cognosphere blocked their Twitter account.

Steven Totilo, former editor-in-chief of Kotaku, shared the news of this latest subpoena on Twitter just yesterday He posted an image of a possible legal document related to Xwides, which may have the same format for the other two.

Genshin Impact is coming soon to its 4.0 version with major map expansions that will add the city of Fontaine, a new archon, tons of characters, and maybe even the third banner phase. So it’s no surprise that Cognosphere is cracking down on whistleblowers as we prepare to Genshin Impact version 3.5 renewal.