The Genshin Impact 3.7 update is on its way, bringing a massive TCG event and a new sword user character.

The King of Invocations Grand Prix starts. At the event, you can play four different TCG-themed mini-games. If you’re not interested in getting into TCG Genshin Impact “Genius Invoking”, there may still be something that interests you.

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You can duel in an unofficial Zero Hour Challenge tournament and play with some select cards. In Evermotion Mechanical Painting, you can solve gear-based puzzles to earn rewards. The Heart of the Dice mini-game features TCG elements in Genshin’s combat and elemental mechanics. The final mini-game, A Tour of Wonders, lets you go on a journey, clearing enemies and collecting commemorative stamps along the way. Completing event tasks can earn you rewards, including the four-star Ibis Piercer Bow. Fittingly, TCG Genius Invokation is getting a major update with over 60 new cards, including over 10 new character cards (such as the four Archons).

The update also introduces a new character: four-star sword user Dendro Kirara. This delivery cat girl can punch with her claws and yokai abilities. Her elemental skill can create Dendro’s shield after a flying kick or transform into Neko’s Urgent Parcel to damage Dendro and move faster. Her Elemental Burst explodes into Dendro Bombs that deal extra damage.

Finally, the update offers a new story quest for Yoimiya and an encounter event for Kaveh. You can also in various new combat challenges. Update 3.7 will be released on May 24.

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