Sat. Nov 26th, 2022

It’s been an eventful day for Gearbox; Not only has the studio taken developer Saints Row Volition under its wing, it has also announced the acquisition of Hopoo Games’ co-op shooter Risk of Rain.

Hopoo Games’ first strike in Risk of Rain, released in 2013, is a breathtaking 2D co-op action game that pits players against an increasingly relentless parade of enemies in an increasingly hilarious ballet of bullets and mayhem.

Its acclaimed sequel, which turned it all into gorgeous 3D, was released on Steam Early Access in 2019 and proved hugely popular, selling 3 million copies before the end of the year. It has since received a full release on PC and consoles, with its latest major update, the Survivors of the Void expansion, coming out in March of this year.

Risk of Rain 2 launch trailer.

However, as the tenth anniversary of Risk of Rain approaches next year, Hopoo is pulling out of the series, transferring the intellectual property rights to its current publisher, Gearbox.

Acquisition announcement in statement on twitterGearbox explained, “After many years of passionate publishing work on Risk of Rain 2, we have developed a deep love and respect for intellectual property. We strive to prove ourselves as worthy custodians by continuing to bring you world-class content and ensuring a bright future for this genre-leading franchise.”

He added that he is currently “hard at work” on releasing the Risk of Rain 2 Survivors of the Void expansion for consoles, and that he “can’t wait to share more details about a very special and passionate project we’re working on with our great friends at Hopoo.”

Hopoo, for its part, didn’t have much to add to the announcement, only calling it “great news” on Twitter.