Gary Neville He says his “biggest concern” is that the Glazer family stays owner. Manchester United on the contrary He made a series of offers to buy the club.

The Glazers announced last year that they would consider an investment or wholesale sale of the club, and several bidders were confirmed to be interested.

Among them is the British billionaire Sir. Jim RatcliffeOwner of Ineos and Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar.

The current owners are reportedly valuing Manchester United at around £6 billion, but Neville fears the Glazers may not support selling the club entirely.

The former Manchester United right-back thinks they can instead woo a minority investment that would allow more active members of the group to retain control of Old Trafford.

“I think the thing that scares Man Utd fans the most is the sense that this Man Utd ownership is running this process to raise a huge price to try to somehow create a level that means two people can stay and the rest of the family can go out. can be bought by an American fund that doesn’t care but doesn’t own all of the stock. Neville told Sky Sports.

“That’s the biggest concern. All the emphasis of Man Utd fans right now is that this has to be the end of Glazer ownership.

“They’re out of money, they haven’t invested in the stadium… The fans want a new stadium, we need new facilities, whether Old Trafford is renovated or a new stadium rebuilt. Man Utd’s stadium is behind many big (clubs) in Europe.

“It’s the sports project they’ve been failing in the last 10 years since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure. He’s doing pretty well right now, third in the league but that’s not where Man Utd wants to be.

“I think it’s a focus on not being a major charade where the Glazers are trying to build a value for their brothers and sisters to date and the couple who want to stay stay. There is a priority for them to go right now.”

The Glazer family acquired a majority stake in Manchester United in 2005 and have proven less and less popular with fans in recent years.

After Malcolm Glazer’s death in 2014, the club had six children: Avram, Joel, Kevin, Bryan, Darcie and Edward Glazer.

Sheikh Jassim is among the approved bidders for the club. He is the chairman of one of Qatar’s largest banks and the son of a former Middle Eastern country’s prime minister.

While Neville believes concerns about Qatari investment are fair, the expert considers clubs “running the horse” in state ownership and argues that it is preferable to overhaul football governance to ensure greater control of spending than to curb any potential takeovers.

Neville explained: “We have to look at the owner financing model and see what can be done with it so we can have sustainability and not need to raise wages by nation states that have trillions of pounds yet still maintain a competitive space in it. Premier League.

“Keep control of clubs like Man Utd, Man City and Newcastle that could be nation-state interference, but let other clubs hit their spending levels if they have a wealthy owner willing to come. eg: Jack Walker in Blackburn, years ago.

“There’s a lot that needs to be addressed once you start talking about all these issues, but my priority right now is to bring a regulator to English football, so there is some level of control that is brought in no matter who the owners are.

“We can talk about state ownership in Man Utd but we already have two state-funded clubs in Newcastle and Man City. They were already allowed to come, so I find it hard to say that Man Utd should not have Qatari ownership.

“When Abu Dhabi came to Man City 15 years ago and Saudi Arabia came to Newcastle two years ago, the horse escaped from that angle.”