Gary Lineker will return to Match of the Day as BBC apologizes

Gary Lineker has a joke about ‘sticking to football’ before returning to the BBC after comparing government language around the world The small boats crisis in Nazi Germany.

This match of the day star returns to the screen to present the live broadcast of the FA Cup quarterfinals. Manchester City and Burnley This evening was suspended for comments last week.

In a tweet from Etihad before the game, Mr. Lineker wrote of “the joy of sticking to football”, referring to the concerted attack by critics who said he should not express his political views because of his position at the national level. publisher

“I got an incredible amount of support from my friends and colleagues, which was actually pretty cool. “It was totally disproportionate, everything.” But we’re fine. It’s resolved, we’re relaxed and we’re back at work tomorrow and all is well in the world.”

Mr. Lineker was not featured on MOTD’s featured show on Friday, but his absence appears to have been due to the program rather than the controversy that resulted in his suspension.


Gary Lineker says ‘great to be here’ as he returns to BBC

match of the day Host Gary Lineker returned to the BBC, presenting the audience with a pre-match broadcast of the FA Cup quarter-final between Manchester City and Burnley at Etihad, telling him “it’s been great to be here”.

His fellow expert, Alan Shearer, referred to the discussion last week, when Linekeer was taken down after criticizing the government’s asylum policy.

Mr. Shearer said: “I just need to wrap up and just want to say how sorry we are for all the audience members who missed last weekend.

“It was a really difficult situation for everyone involved. Some really great people on TV and radio have been put in impossible situations through no fault of their own, and it just wasn’t fair.

“It’s good to be back to normal and talk about football again.”

“I reflect these feelings,” said Mr Linker.

Liam James18 March 2023 17:35


Where to watch Gary Lineker vs Manchester City vs Burnley?

Gary Lineker returns to the BBC at 5:30 PM for a preview of the FA Cup Quarter-Final match between Manchester City and Burnley.

The match and the BBC’s broadcast will be broadcast on BBC One and will also be available on iPlayer.

Liam JamesMarch 18, 2023 at 17:22


Gary Lineker will return to the BBC during Saturday’s FA Cup broadcast

Gary Lineker will live stream the FA Cup quarter-finals between Manchester City and Burnley as he returns to TV screens on Saturday after a debate about neutrality.

The 62-year-old broadcaster will appear for the BBC for the first time since he was told to step back from hosting Match of the Day.

Liam JamesMarch 18, 2023 17:04


Gary Lineker poses with ‘teammates’ before BBC return

This match of the day The star once again teased that she would soon be returning to the BBC, posing with her “teammates” and fellow experts Alan Shearer and Micah Richards in the studio.

Liam JamesMarch 18, 2023 at 16:57


Gary Lineker posts selfie before returning to BBC

Before returning to BBC programming, Gary Lineker posted a selfie from the Etihad Stadium to Twitter.

The expert will be live on BBC One at 17:30.

Liam James18 March 2023 16:30


ICYMI – ‘Totally disproportionate’: Gary Lineker discusses rowing of small boats in first TV appearance since BBC suspension

football presenter Gary Lineker condemned the controversy over his suspension by BBC because his tweets were “totally disproportionate”.

But he said he received a large amount of support during his dispute with the BBC, which was gratifying and “pretty nice”.

The TV star’s rep came when she said she believed she had a “special agreement” with the broadcaster that allowed her to comment on the refugees and small boats crisis.

Matt MathersMarch 18, 2023, 16:15


ICYMI: Starmer stand up to the Altar against snowflake lawmakers after Gary Lineker fight

Rishi Sunak “must stand up against the snowflake deputies to wage war on freedom of expression” Gary Lineker “Now,” said Sir Keir Starmer.

The Labor leader asked for assurances that Conservative lawmakers or others affiliated with the party were not lobbying the party. BBC to “effectively cancel” the Match of the Day last weekend.

Matt Mathers18 March 2023 14:42


ICMI: Lineker thought he had a ‘exclusive deal’ with Tim Davie over tweets, agent said

Gary Lineker He believed he had a “special agreement” with BBC His representative said the chief executive would tweet about refugees and immigration.

Jon Holmes, who represents Match of the Day host, said the neutrality debate stemming from Lineker’s recent online action “has become messy” despite his efforts to “calm down” everyone.

Mike Bedigan It has a story:

Matt Mathers18 March 2023 14:10


ICYMI: Former news chief says next BBC head shouldn’t be ‘a political appointment’

a former head BBC TV news said the next BBC head should not be a “political appointment”.

Roger Mosey, who is also sports director at the broadcaster, said it would be “a great act of statesmanship”. Prime minister Rishi Altar to de-politicize dating.

Matt Mathers18 March 2023 13:50


Open again: What did Gary Lineker say?

Matt Mathers18 March 2023 13:21